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T10 and Race 10 are basically the same. The T10 has better buckles and liner over the Race10. Still suggest the T11.
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Thanks again for the comaprison. The store I get my stuff at didn't carry the stiffer- better of the two so I got the Race 10 from last year. I'm very happy with it so far. Feels really quick edge to edge. I like the flex , the shell says its a 9 stiffness so I'm guessing that might be a 90. Given the choice I would have got the upgrade, but the shop here probably thought it was too much boot for us flat landers here in Pa.

The ski shop I shop at is a member of a barter group, so I can get my gear through an exchange of credits with my wife's clothing store. Its a great situation for me but in the fall they wouldn't barter the Metron B 5 because they thought they would have delays on reorder, so I had to go with the Metron X1 , which I really like. No doubt the 5 is more ski and performance, but its hard to compalin about the X1. The end result is this shop doesn't stock a lot of the highest end models , but even the next model down with current gear is so good I think being short of a professional skier you still end up with great gear. Thanks again for the info.
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