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Intermediate skis

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I am planning to buy a new pair of skis and seriously considering Dynastar driver x9. I run it through the internet and it seems to have a good review by Chris Haworth. Frankly, I don't know him. Has anybody had any experience with this ski? Thanks for the advice.

BTW, I'm 5'7", 140 lbs., non-agressive skier mostly in blues and greens, in groomed slopes.
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I am your height and about 10 lbs heavier. I have not tried the x9 but one pair that I truly love is the Atomic C9. It is great for intermediate on up. It is great for carving and can be pretty fast. It has great edge hold (even on ice NE conditions) and is pretty good at speed.
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take a look at the Rossignol Axium T-Power Supers. $199.00 CAN at Sport Check right now, with or without the Rossignol lifters. With the lifters you have to use the Look binding or the Rossignol (still a Look) to allow the ski and plate to work properly together.

I have these skis and consider myself to be way beyond intermediate and I have a blast on them. Great forgiving ski that really holds well if skied properly. It goes through crud and chowder like it's not even there, just point and ski. I'm 5' 10" and 140 - 145 Lbs.

the only flaws to these skis are they sink a bit in powder, the tips tend to wobble when going insane fast in powder and they are not meant for Mach 1 Hardpack runs (they will do it but you better have your head screwed on straight) they tend to get a little chattery and wash out a bit at stupid speeds.

but for a intermediate I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend them. I put them up against a B1 today and they are almost 100% ithe same dimensionaly only the B1 is a little stiffer.

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If you are in hte east, you will want something that holds well on the hardpack (see:ice) Volant Silvers or last years Gravity 68's. Either ski will give you some growth in the years to come.
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