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ski vises & tuning tools, wax

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looking for info on ski vises for tuning & waxing, also info on file guides ect, I have about 6 pairs of skis to maintain, about the vises any thoughts about which works better the 3 point like the ski man world cup & swix 3 point or the ones that use a piece like a boot to hold the ski by the bindings like the swix pro 500, for the file guides all the skis have 1&1 degree so looking for fixed holders, I found the swisscarve tool that files the edge bevel & cuts the side if needed, now looking for base bevel guide, I read were someone did not like the dmt diamond files but they seem to be the ones everyone sells. one other thing what would be the best universal wax for general ski waxing that would work in a most conditions.
thanks bteddy
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this is what I did... Ebay used ski tuning machine E-mail him and see what he will take. I got my Montana this way....cheap.
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wow phil did I mention I only have 6 pairs to maintain, but even with this machine you would still have to tune your edges.
thanks bteddy
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Originally posted by bteddy:
wow phil did I mention I only have 6 pairs to maintain, but even with this machine you would still have to tune your edges.
thanks bteddy
LOL.. if its worth doing.. its worth overdoing!!!
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I use the Toko brand vise that mounts like a boot to a binding. It works with all sorts of skis and bindings--very handy. I believe it's a Profi Vise that's re-branded.

For edge tuning and beveling, I use a one-pass tool that does the base and edge at the same time. It makes the job pretty speedy, but it does eat files quickly. Skivisions Ski-Sharp
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I recommend getting a few catalogs. First, get the Tognar Toolworks catalog- www.tognar.com. It's pretty full of descent advice, and lots of products.

www.race-werks.com is an excellent resource for the higher dollar tools, IMHO. They have a nice printed catalog, and carry the SVST stuff.

The Race Place is the home of "the Beast" tuning tools. Innovative, not as flashy, works good. Also some advice. www.the-raceplace.com. Also has a nice catalog.

And of course Reliable Racing. Good stuff, not really noteworthy, but get the catalog.

As for tools, I like the Toko/Swix/WorldCup vise. I think it comes in yellow/red/and blue, depending who's package it's in, but they all retail for about $100, and are the same.

The Beast side-edge file guide with the metal base plate is really nice. I like the Toko and SVST base-edge bevel guides- precise, and nearly impossible to over-tune with them, as long as the base is flat (a must for any guide, really).

I have the DMT diamonds for polishing, but I like the SVST stone sets. My wallet isn't deep enough yet. I hear the secret-sauce stuff is good.

Finally, wax is mostly dependent on how fast you really need to be. The cheapy hydrocarbon waxes are probably fine, unless you are measuring tenths. I can't see any reason why anyone not competing would bother with high-flouro waxes, and really even low-flouro, allthough they will most certainly make a difference. How big a rush are you in?

I know TOKO and maybe swix make "shop" quantities of the cheap hydro waxes. I use the toko, and it's fine for most uses. You may not see those offered in the catalogs, so ask. It's way cheaper. I bought $20 worth of each temperature range (3) last year in October, and I've got more than 75% of each left after waxing my wife's and my skis atleast weekly. Only complaint is that it's softer than advertised (by color code), and dosen't last very long against machine-made.


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I have a swix 500 vise and I am getting rid of it and getting the WC vise. If you are doing multiple pairs of skis, the binding- boot insert for the vise is a pain to change for each ski. This is especially true if you have high din settings. If you are doing different skis with different boot sizes like I do the problem is worse. You can buy extra boot cartridges but this gets expensive.
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A little device I discovered many years ago- it's made by CONQUEST. It's a couple of sticky pads that adhere to the tops of skis. They mount into a traditional bench vise, and they hold really well. So use the vise normally for side work, and the sticky pads for base work. The pads last quite a while if you keep them clean (and replacement sticky sheets are available).
A really nice side benefit to these is that they lift the ski another 3/4 of an inch higher for those skis with lifters, it'll help you keep clear of the bench, and you won't hit your fingers or files on the vise itself!
They are small and lightweight- very easy to travel with!

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I have had good luck with the "World Cup" vise set. The end supports are quickly adjusted when waxing and the midsection of the ski wants to pop out as it looses camber. It clears binding plates and holds on to sloping sidewalls well. Artech is another good place for tools and waxes. www.Artechski.com
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thanks everyone for your input, I have the tognar catalog & ordered some others, anyone using the swisscarve edge bevel tool it looks pretty good.
again thanks bteddy
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