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Any opinions on Atomic M:EX vs R:EX?

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Is it worth the price to go Metron? If I get R:ex I have bindings I'll move over. I've heard the M:ex needs the NEOX binding. Any truth to this? Thanks.
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M:ex accepts either the new NEOX or the Xentrix. I'd opt for the R:ex just because it is lighter and stiffer. The M:ex is awesome too.
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BR, thanks for the quick reply. I think I'll do just that. I have a pair of 614's I can move over anyway, so just keeping eye out for a steal. Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by DaMtnRider
Is it worth the price to go Metron?
I've never skied the R:EX, but I've been on Atomics for awhile (R:11 Puls, etc.). I just purchased the M:EX. The M:EX is the best ski I've owned out of perhaps 60 skis over 30 years (I'm a gear geek).

To have a ski this wide - 84 mm - with this much edge-hold and responsiveness is almost erie.

The ski initiates turns effortlessly due to a relatively softer shovel (puls technolgoy) than the R:EX and a bit more sidecut (19 meters at 175 cm).

The edges bite like a shark and the ski hauls like a freight train - super stable and confidence inspiring.

Even on steeps, it's surprisingly quick and maneuverable. You've just got to keep a bit of pressure on the boot tongues.

I haven't tried it in deep powder, but here it's also supposed to be superior to the R:EX, due to the softer shovel and slightly wider tip and tail.

The M:EX was supposed to become part of my "quiver". It's now become THE quiver. I don't use anything else.
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Results of M:EX demo

I own 184cm R:EX which I skied 2+ years and really like, skiing NW pow
and sometimes thick pow. Just demo'd 185cm M:EX at mt.bachelor on
a 12-18"new <20 degree-F pow day tree skiing and found:

-- Very similar "feel" to REX.
-- Subtle improvement in tip float, probably due to wider shovel,
Probably a big improvement in "warmer" pow where REX
req'd attention to avoid tip dives.
-- A bit squirrley at high speeds in open pow fields compared
to REX, which came as a suprise, possibly due to tighter turn
radius profile. I could adapt to it.

Overall a great ski, which I would consider except for one reallly
serious problem with the ski brakes where at certain ski placements
adjacent skis would LOCK TOGETHER. Unbelievable. Happened
about 5x in tight trees, would eventually unlock after frantic
effort. Sent email to Atomic 1-week ago and no response.

Guess austrians only ski wide stance.
I would ditch any atomic bindings and mount something else.
Never had problems with my REX and Salomon S812s. Not sure
if non-atomic bindings possible due to "cleaver" design of mounting
which seemed to preclude others.
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