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Cutting carbon poles ?

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I want to trim down some Goode carbon poles. I pulled the grips off (1 screw in the top, middle of the grip), and the poles just look like a hollow tube. There's nothing inside the pole for the grip screw to attach to (i.e., no threaded insert glued in).

Any tips on cutting them ? I'm thinking sawzall w/ fine-tooth blade.
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A hacksaw w/fine tooth would work a little better so you don't worry about the sawzall hopping off the line. Some will put a little duct tape around the point you want to cut then cut through the tape to help prevent splintering. i thought many of the goode poles are adjustable to about 3" shorter, so double check your model before you cut. Good Luck!
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I don't have a hacksaw; the sawzall is what I end up using on everything where I need a hacksaw. Good tip on using tape -- I've done that before with things like fiberglass, and it helps reduce splintering.

These Goode poles aren't the extendable/ collapsible kind (like Leki or Komperdell trekking poles), so I don't see how they could adjust. Or do you just slide the pole deeper into the grip ?

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They usually have a screw adjustment on the grip. If the pole has small lines around the grip area, then that should be the indicator that it's adjustable. I just looked on their site (www.goode.com) and it shows a small Allen screw on the bottom of the grip. I guess if yours only had a screw, it's not the adjustable. If all you have is the sawzall, just be carefull. You don't want to put a groove lower than your cut. Goode Luck! (wow that was a horrible pun)
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Use a pipe cutter. It's a little metal tool that you put on the pole and run it around and around slowly scoring a line until it eventually works through. I did this with my Leki poles and it worked great.
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My poles don't have an Allen screw at the bottom of the grip, only one philips screw in the top of the grip.

I don't have a pipe cutter either... I've used them before, with moderate success on thin-wall pipe (copper), but never had any luck with thick-wall pipe. I think a pipe cutter would work great on aluminum poles.

Sawzall here I come !
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Don't use a pipe cutter on the carbon poles. They are quite similar to golf club shafts and there are fibers running up and down the poles. A pipe cutter will splinter the carbon and leave threads which can unravel. The tape and hack saw idea is best although you don't have to use duct tape, simple masking tape a couple of layers thick will work and wont leave any gunk on the poles. You can get a hack saw really cheap at any hardware store or home depot or lowes < $5.
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Finally got around to it tonight. I just used some blue masking tape, marked the line, zipped straight through the tape + pole with the Sawzall w/ fine toothed blade. Cut very cleanly, no splintering.
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