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ski recomendations

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I've been skiing my X-screams for the past 4 years and I've recently begun to think about replacing them with a better front side ski and pick up a pair of fats later for powder days. I know I need to do a lot of demoing but I was hoping the this group could help me narrow down my choices. I'm an advanced to low expert skiier, I can pretty much ski anything on the mountain but I don't always look good doing it. My major goal this season is to improve my bump skiing so whatever I get should be decent in the bumps. I'd also prefer a ski that liked going fast and was good at short turns. I was thinking about some of the new slalom skis but was concerned about their bump performance, would a GS type ski work better?

P.S. How much cheaper are skis in Canada, hopefully I'll be moving from Boulder to Calgary next year so I may just demo this year and buy new skis cheap when I get there
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The Supersport sounds like a ski that fits your needs. I believe it did pretty well in the moguls. There are quite a few threads on the superports so check them out and if you still have any questions I am sure someone will answer them
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