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Fischer boots - toe out stance

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Have any of you had experience with the new Fischer boots? They allow the feet to be inside the boots in a normal "toe out" stance while the boots line up parallel to each other from heel to toe. Since I naturally tend to "toe out" quite discernably, I'm wondering if these might be useful for me.
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Suggest checking out this thread.
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First day blues.

Sizing update from that thread:

The Soma Race TI 9000 26.5 is not as voluminous in the instep as a Tecnica Rival in 26.0.

The lower boot shell feels very accurate (it should being only 299mm). I am still sorting out cuff trouble so I cannot give an accurate impression.

Once I got these on the hill, I immediately wanted to put the boot cuff in the forward-lean position. I had considerable trouble doing so, and could not get the fastener to correctly thread into the brass nut inside the shell. (I had this happen also when I attempted to change the cuff lateral tilt). The fastener looks like a 12mm M5 flat hex-head but the lower 3 mm is cylindrical, hollow, and bare of threads, much like a rivet. I happened to have some M5x16mm stainless so I put those in, with considerable trouble in fitting the brass T-nuts into the correct position.

I also find it hard to get into. I almost immediately threw out the slip-in-slide-out cuff reinforcement as it didn't really help enter the boot and I wanted more room for the calf. Quite honestly, I think there would be a real benefit to having pull-tabs or pull-loops on the front edges of the liner, just next to the top of the tongue, as the liner seems to collapse into the boot on entry. Well, possibly that is due to my superbly high instep.

Offset position? I cannot honestly say but I am willing to keep an open mind until after those buckles are moved and the shell is punched. I am very much looking forward to trying them on wider-waisted skis though.

EDIT: the above was yesterday 12/24 on the '04 9000 Race Ti.
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The thread to which Steve has referred us is a year old, and I'm wondering about recent impressions of these. Also, I note from the Fischer web site that their boots are made in various models in which the flex varies from model to model. Also, I understand that boot flex can be relaxed by a boot fitter - a slice is cut out from the back spine (had it done to my Rossi B2's). I do remember that Bob Barnes loved the boots but used a hair dryer to heat them in order both to don and doff.

Fischer seems to make some very high quality and inovative products, and these boots - heels in, toes out, arch over the center of the ski - are very interesting. I'd like to read more from those of you who have had or are having experience with it, especially about sizing and flex. A high volume, stiff boot is the last thing I want.
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I tried on a pair of Fischer Soma Tec Race TI 9000's in size 26.5 in the shop. Once on, they fit quite well and their quality is apparent.

IMHO, they are a seriously stiff boot and, as was pointed out above, not easy to get into even in the shop. I would be curious to try on the Fischer Soma-Tec 8000 or 7000 series boot but haven't seen any around yet.
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