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BC Interior itinerary

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Hi there,

Thanks to all you helpful posters out there I have just finished working out the itinerary for my BC road trip in Feb.

I just thought I'd post it up here and see if anyone had any suggestions for some not-so-well-known spots for finding some powder at these hills during the times between snowfalls.

Day 1-5 Silver Star
Day 6-8 Kicking Horse
Day 10 -15 Fernie
Day 16-17 Red Mountain
Day 18-19 Big White
Day 20-22 Sun Peaks.

Regards, and thanks again to all who helped out with ideas/suggestions.


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Rick -

Are you posting to thank us or rub it in? That sounds like a great trip.
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I'm green with envy. When do you start? Have fun!!
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inhale some of those crystals for us while you're enjoying all those face shots, lucky bastidge!

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Where do you live?

Are you planning on driving?

Just wondering why you would start at Silver Star, go to kicking horse back to Fernie/Red, back to big white then to Sun peaks...

You could make this a loop, rather then a lot of back and forth.
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You may want to include Whitewater (just north of Nelson) on your route.....awesome powder dumps and empty hills.
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