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Hannukah Harry came to my house before Santa.... he brought $$ to choose and buy my own skis (rx8 in case you haven't heard me screaming about it from the rooftop yet)

santa came and then brought some spongebob squarepants cycling socks!
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Ski socks! Woo-hoo! And I've got a jacket on the way!!
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XM Satelite Radio for those dark New England drives in the mountains of radio purgatory. No more listening to Gregorian Chant on Vermont Public Radio on Sunday morning :-)
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Hey, Iriponsnow, you'll have a blast at the X-Team clinic!

Santa gave me a 4-day snowcat skiing trip in BC! Of course, Santa is going with me on that trip! Also, Santa and I are set up with new gear: K2 Phat Luvs, Naxo AT bindings and climbing skins for me; K2 Seth Pistols, Naxo AT bindings and climbing skins for Santa. By the way, we are now broke...

Oh, and Santa gave me a headlamp to go in my pack. He was tired of lending me his.

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Thank god for santa he brought me all what was christmus.


Nordy SUV 12 XBS

and a handy pair of beast boots (well...i had 2 take a hit on these)
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Yukon....cannot believe u got oakleys

What a waste of key MONEYS
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In Sweden, it is the house gnome or elf that brings the presents at Christmas and performs other beneficial acts for the household throughout the year. A popular Swedish Christmas song about the grandfather elf or Tomten goes like this,

Hej, tomtegubbar, slån i glassen,
och låt oss lustiga vara.

En liten tid,
vi leva här,
med mycken möda
och stort besvär.

Hej, tomtegubbar, slån i glasen,
och låt oss lustiga vara!

English translation:

Hi, tomtegubbar, fill your glasses
and let's be jolly together.

Our time is brief
Upon the earth,
with troubles many
and little mirth.

Hi, tomtegubbar, fill your glasses
and let's be jolly together.

Anyway, Tomtegubbar helped me locate and get to a place in the PNW that actually had snow for the Holidays-Mt. Bachelor. Just spent five days there.
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Wave Sport Zero Gravity(kayak0
elan m666
trip to jackson where my family and i found 3 days worth of epic powder

All of a sudden, i love my parents
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200 piece tool set
Multi set up grinder/buffer
base layer tops and bottoms
New ski vices
New tool cabinet and counter for the shop
Ohio State sweats
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2 weeks in Hawaii with family and girlfriend for xmas & new year's

A ton of ski gear from myself to uh, myself
including Salomon 1080 setup: skis, boots, bindings
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