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What did Santa bring you?

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So what did he give you

i got a pair of goggles, and some long underwear
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2 1/2 feet of lucious Rocky Mountain powder that I couldn't ski because I was heading to Oregon for Xmas.......talk about a sadistic bastard.
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I got a helmet and some base layer stuff. I wouldn't have minded 2 feet of snow though. Or 1 foot, or an inch, this Pennsylvania winter is pissing me off.: :
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A real nice Kerosene heater for my garage. A man without a heated garage is like a fish without fins.

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an avalung
snow study kit
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Bauer 8090 skates. Since the ski season unusually sucks here in PNW I play hockey a lot.
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1. Warren Miller “Journey” DVD

2. Warren Miller “Bloopers, Blunders and Bailouts” DVD

3. 2005 Skiing calendar

4. Sidewall planer.

5. "Dumb and Dumber" movie soundtrack CD (sort of ski related)

6. Various other items not ski related
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Descente shell pants
Spyder func T-neck
$50 gift certificate to the local shop
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1 pair of Bolle Polarized sunglasses

1 Survivor Vanawatu Buff !

1 amazing day here at VAIL !
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K2 Public Enemies, new boots, and new bindings.
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Rock on Public Enimies
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Dynastar Exclusive Legends!
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A 4.5m power kite. I´ve already flown it a couple of times in the dry and can´t wait to try it on skis.
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BIG Dump!!!

29" of snow in southern Indiana. What a waste!!
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Some new diamond stones, a panzar file, brain bucket, Marmot spring gloves, Swany gloves and a Patagonia R2 fleece. Ski stuff is good stuff for Xmas.
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Swix World Cup Waxing Iron
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Brand new K2 escapes, 5 days at Breckenridge, and a new skill-set
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Mini iPod! Might have to wire the brain bucket for sound!
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20" of new snow at Mt. Baker.
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Crack cocaine and two bottles of Corazon de agave anejo!
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Looking forward to next christmas :
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Elan Fusion S12 skis
Salomon X Wave boots

A golf shirt from my mother : You'd think she know me by now.
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rayl1964 SEX with Santa!!!!! NowI'll never get that image out of my head!
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I figured since I had no girlfriend this year for Christmas, I'd just buy myself some extra presents: laptop, head lamp, 3-pin bindings, new X-C skis, and new Pocket Rockets.
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- Warren Miller's "Power of Snow" 4-DVD set.
- Ski rack (wall)
- Ski clothing (base layers, socks, etc).
- Ski tree ornament.
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The worst stomach flu I think I ever had!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Good for you!!
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Got a Canon Powershot A95 camera...now I can start documenting my ski trips!
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Santa was good to me , but my bear got me a trip to ski camp with the Egans & x-team company!!! SkiClinics.com in Feb!!!!
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