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Run them off the road!

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To save them from road rage!

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From the Wisconsin State Journal, Dec. 23:

MADISON, Wis. - A 77-year-old man is accused of running a group of
roller skiers off a rural road. Eugene A. Hruby told a detective he
was tired of seeing roller skiers on the road, according to a criminal
complaint filed Wednesday.

"You tell them they are not tolerated on these roads," the complaint
quoted Hruby as saying. "I'm trying to stop four or five of them from
getting killed by road rage."

Hruby, was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment.

According to the complaint, about 10 roller skiers were on the rural
road in a staggered line Sept. 26, taking up much of the lane, but
they moved to the side when they heard oncoming traffic.

Hruby approached in a pickup truck with his bumper over the right edge
of the pavement, revved his engine and ran each skier off the road in
turn, the complaint said. The roller skiers got a license plate number
and called 911.

Hruby told the detective he had previously gone to the Dane Town Board
to get supervisors to pass an ordinance outlawing roller skiing.

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The guy is obviously a nut case. I hope they prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law!!!!!!!!!

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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or just give him a set of roller skis and the others trucks.
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