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need advice

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hey! merry x-mas!
i think i'm ready and will finally start teleing. i have an old pair of 190cm launchers that i would use. for bindings, i'd really like to get 7tm tours, cuz i want releasables and like the idea of a real touring mode.
my problem is that i have REALLY skinny feet. my alpine boots are lange l10 race fits that are still kinda roomy. i tried on garmonts and scarpas. the garmonts are way too big. scarpas might work with some extra footbeds and my custom footbeds. i don't know where i could try on crispis. can you tell me if they're low volume? especially around the heel and the instep?
and also: i've tried on both t1s and traces. i've skied t2s last season for a day, and they were way too soft. how stiff should the boots be? in the store, even the traces felt soft (compared to my alpine boots). is that too much for a tele newbie? and, if i should get crispis, would the cxr or the cxu be the better choice? (how do they compare to the scarpas?)
i'm planning on skiing off piste mainly, with occasional groomers. alpine i'm pretty aggressive, ski off piste in all conditions, 20th season, started when i was 3. i weigh 175lbs.
are launchers and 7tms a good combination? what boots would they work best with (fit is the most important aspect, i know, but are there boots that work better or worse with that setup?)
sorry for asking so many questions, but i couldn't find any of the info i'd like.
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Hey, Powderpunk, do you know about TelemarkTips.com?


That might be a better forum for you to try with these questions. Epic has some excellent tele skiers, but they're very much in the minority on this board. You might get more answers more quickly if you post the same questions over there.

Good luck,

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Crispis are low in the arch, have a narrow heel, but a wide forefoot - they fit my duck-like feet perfectly (the guy at the boot shop says I have a bad case of "six-toe").

Telemarktips is awesome, but go to a good bootfitter, before screwing around with footbeds they'll just look at your foot and tell you what brand and model will fit you best.
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