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tecnica flex inserts

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i was wondering if you guys have any tips on the flex inserts that go into the boot? my boots are the tecnica rival x9 and they came with soft red inserts and a little harder yellow insert. what difference does it make using a softer vs harder insert or combination of the two??

these boots are finally fitting good n snug with no pain.. cant wait to take em out this weekend!!!
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I've just bought a pair - no chance to check them out in action yet, but they're the first boots I think I've EVER had without heel lift from the word go! I've always had to fiddle and tweak and get bits padded out here and there, even with Langes which are traditionally pretty good in that department.

So I'm impressed with the RX9 on dry land, as it were. Roll on the chance for a proper road test...

Smokey: How did you get on? Did you try both the little red things and the yellow ones? What difference did they make? And have you fiddled with the various other flex and canting controls? (These boots come with a complete tool kit!)

And is anyone else out there ski-ing in them?
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actually i havent tried any of the inserts. i've been trying to perfect the fit first with the arch and buckles.

well my boot was fairly tight when i first got it. but after skiing in them one night the boot loosened up so i have to fiddle with the micro adjustments again to get it to fit snug. it feels much better now...
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