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Merry Christmas

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Hope all of you have a fun and safe skiing weekend,

I had alot of Italian Christmas Eve food and booze.

BTW if you have never had a hot chocolate with Peppermint Shnapps and Godiva Chocolate liqour you should try it. Good after skiing drink

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Another earlybird chiming in here to hope you all enjoy the holidays by whatever means best suits you. I'm going to be one of the only two instructors on the adult lesson roster today. Only the children's program roster has a big line-up. I'll probably have to spend most of the day skiing.

Bet that cholocate would go well over peppermint ice cream too. You want something really different, try the chocolate "sundae" we got at Avoriaz: Chilled pears with a chocolate fudge topping.
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Same here guys. Have a great Christmas.
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Hope you all have the Merry'ist of Christmas'es even with the Hangover...for those of you with the chocolate fettish.
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I'm not hungover

that much

Now I have to go to Maine for the inlaws and then some skiing.
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