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Fisher World Cup RC v. GS ?

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Since it no longer seems to snow in CO and ice is the norm, I figured I'd look into a pair of race skis for hardpack days. A few weeks ago on yet another icy CO day I demoed the Rossi 9x, Fisher WC RC, Elan GX, Atomic GS11, etc. and just fell in love with the edgehold, stability and stiffness of all of them. The one I liked the most was the Fisher World Cup RC and I am now considering adding yet another ski to my closet. Unfortunatley, no shop out here has a pair of World Cup RC's in stock, but I did find one that has a previous year model of the Fisher Wold Cup GS. The turn radius is longer on the GS and the guy in the shop told me that the GS would not be as stiff as the "consumer" race RC...this seemed really odd to me as I always figured a regular race board would be much stiffer. Does anyone out there have experience with both of these skis that could offer their wisdom?

Also, if I went with the GS, they only have in a 188cm when I was hoping for something in the 190+ range. Given that I am about 5'11, weigh 190+ and I am an aggressive skier who knows how to carve both skis will this length be okay?
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Have you asked if they can order them? If you can't find the WC RC and really want them, PM me and I'll see if I can help...
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I would definitely vote for the GS.
I demoed this season´s model (is probably unchanged from the previous year) and found it an agreeable, not-too demanding and well outbalanced ski.
188 cm is enough even for high sppeds and long turns.
Thomas Grandi´s Rossis of the last season were 189 cm.
You normally get racestock GS up to about 190 cm. The lenghts above are probably mostly or only worldcup skis, sometimes really stiff and with even bigger radius (s. one of the Atomic experts´post in another thread about the skis they had for the WC races with radiuses up to 29 meters).
I tested the Fischer WC RC when the ski was new (about 3 years ago) and I didn´t like it much: too stiff to handle some rough hardpack, "lacking elasticity" was the main impression I had got then.
The ski might be different now, though.
OTOH, if you really liked the ski you should probably (i) try the GS and - according to the result - (ii) try to get the RC if you liked it more.
I suppose you don´t want the ski to race on: given the radius and length, the 188 cm GS would be too much.
But to free ski it hard if you have the skills there´s hardly any ski better than a classic race sandwich (i.e. the GS).
That´s at least my philosophy and my experience.
As ever, it´s only partially transferable, so demo (and enjoy).
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WC RC is a better freeskiing ski, hands down.

Wider waist, more shape, damper.
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WC GS is okay for freeskiing, not my first choice though. It takes alot of energy to get much out of it, but isn't too demanding. I am used to skiing 21m GS skis, and it seems that you have to ski the WC GS with race-course aggressiveness to really ENJOY the ski, rather than just using it as a high-speed cruiser. I have spent about 5 days total on the WC GS. Unless the ski is way up on edge and being pushed hard, it doesn't give much back. I have been skiing the Head i-RACE GS right now (the old RS119 with softer plate) and found that the softer plate makes it the perfect high-speed ski. It is easier to flex than the VIST plate version, but just as smooth and stable-more fun overall. Not the best in the course, but we are talking free-skiing here. FWIW, I have skied the RS119 for 2 years, and will probably replace it this year with the i-RACE, simply because it gives up nothing to the RS119 in terms of free skiing ability, yet is quicker, easier, and gives more back with a bit less input. My other GS freeskiing faves have been the Blizzard Sigma RS and Volkl P60 Race Stock with Marker plate-both of these are relatively easy and forgiving, with all of the stabiliy of a race GS. I have also heard great things about the Dynastar Course66. GS boards are the best tools for hard-snow groomers day in/day out, but the trick is finding one that excels as a free ski too.
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I race on the World Cup RC in a 175 and the GS in a 178 (depending on the hill and the set), and I am as tall and weigh as much as you. Then again, I like to turn once in awhile. I liked it in a 183 as well (I just got a great deal on the 178s), and the 188 was a whole lot of work in the gates. Out of the course I found I wasn't turning as much and was content to ride big, lazy arcs on the 188- not actively skiing.

It all depends on how fast you freeski and if you're going to race. I don't think most people need a 188 GS, but that's really up to you.
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I would go with the RC. Unless you're racing or you're an agressive carver always on hardpack the RC should be a better fit. It should be stable at speed yet you can get much tighter turns out of the RC than the GS - I know the sidecut is greater and I was under the impression that the flex was softer on the RC however my unofficial hand-flexing test of my brothers RC and my GS they seem similar.
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My RCs definitely have a bit more camber than my GSs.
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Skied em both; bought the RC....I would caution you to demo though first. The sizing on them is really critical. I found that for me a 5 cm diff. changed the ride from hooky/fun carver to solid/bomber ride. Also, Fischer has been progressively turning up the tails of the skis to get a longer ski, with a shorter running surface...for when length requirements are an issue. My RCs are about 3-4 cm less running surface than you would expect. I would also rec. "zeroing" out the ramp angle on your bindings ; I skied them for a few days prior to doing this @ my Guru's rec. Esp. for folks with smaller feet, the big shovel on the RC really comes alive on the hard stuff with the toes/heels more level.
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