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Rossignol 300 TDI skis

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I am a 17 year old male that is looking for a set of skis. This would be the first set that I would have owned. I guess I would consider myself an intermediate-advanced skiier, but the good skiiers would probably disagree with that. I would be skiing in the east most of the time so it would have to be able to handle the icy conditions but I will also head out to the west a few times. I want the ski to be able to last a long time and not be too expensive. At the local ski store they recommended the Rossignol 300 TDI which came out to the low $400s with bindings, boots, and poles. I would appreciate your comments to these skis and other ones that might fit me better for around $400

P.S. I am around 5' 10" and weight 150 pounds if that would help any

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You are a beter skier than I, but I looked at skis last month. On my short list were Atomic C9, Rossi TDI 300, Head iC160, and Fischer Rx6's. I found the Atomics and Rossi's were too expensive. The Rossi's with binding were $399.00. I wound up with a great deal on last seasons Fischer Rx6's. I paid $249 for skis and bindings (integrated Railflex binding).

My honest opinion, and others may disagree, is that each "big player" manufacturer makes a good ski in this range and you could probably pick any one from the bunch and be fine. I went with the best ski I could buy for $250.00...period!

As a package with boots/poles/bindings etc.... it is hard to say if the deal was good because the ski price may be great and the boot price isn't. But if the package (including boots) came to the low 4's I think you did very well. If it is without boots
you're overpaying alot.

I do not know where you live, but if you want me to see if they have any more 03/04 Fischer's for you, just pm me with your length. I am 170 pounds and 5'9", I bought 165 cm skis. You may want 160's.

Good Luck,
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Does anyone else have any comments on this ski. Or does anyone know which skis would suit me well???
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