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What to do with old ski equipment?

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I recently replaced my 10+ year old ski equipment and I'm not sure what I should do with it. The skis are Kastle TCX and the boots are Nordica Grand Prix 80 - both circa 1995 and in fair condition.

The skis and the boots are definitely "old school" -- the skis are almost dead-on straight with bindings that are probably indemnified (Tyrolia SFF) and the boots are hard as a rock and would more than likely be outperformed by today's "average" level comfort boot.

I don't have any "first-time ski" friends who would would fit the stuff, and even if I did I would tell them to rent requipment as it would be easier and more enjoyable for them to use.

I was going to just give the stuff to the local Goodwill, but if the equipment is not safe then that would be a bad idea.

Any suggestions?

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Offer them up here as free rock skis.
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1. Put the skis on a wall someplace!

2. Sell them on eBay.

3. Make a piece of furniture from them. (The boots make neat planters or vases for a ski themed party or a ski house).
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I've seen Adirondak chairs made from old skishttp://www.skifurniture.com/vsrchairs.htm
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This year I plan on chopping up some old bases and doing some practice base welds and patches.

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I'm with geezer, make a chair or bench. I've also seen awnings made from old skis.
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Now this is a coincedence. The barstool pictured on the website you mention --
http://www.skifurniture.com/vsrcommercial.htm -- is made from the exact same skis I am trying to get rid of: Kastle TCX.

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A. Cut in thirds or quarters
B Wait for a romantic moment
C Toss parts into pre-established fire
D Watch all the pretty colors
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The shredder closest to you is looking forward for your visit.....:
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I've donated old ski equipment to a program called Donate-a-Ski that gives the good stuff to the Special Olympics and other charitable causes. The junk is scrapped. Christy Sports and some other large chains collected the stuff. They accepted donations in the fall through December 31. They gave me receipts for the donations, I set my own value for tax deduction purposes. I haven't done this for several years, so I don't know if the program is still active. Try calling some of the big sporting goods chains in your area to see if they are collecting used gear for this charity.
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You can use them to make some really incredible home-made sleds for the kids.
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