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Volkl 6&5 Star question

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I'm in a personal delimma here, maybe you guys can help me rationalize a bit. I want a set of Volkl 6 stars, but they are sold out accorinding to the local mtn rep. He can get me 5 stars on pro form, but the local ski shop has a set of 175cm 6 stars sitting on display that I have been eyeing all week. I can get my employee discount, I work in marketing at a ski resort, through this shop that makes the 6 star about $200 more than I can get the 5 stars for via pro form.

I have skied the six stars last year during a industry demo weekend at the resort. Of course, I immediately fell in love with the ski, as it seemed to be that perfect blend of all mountain stability and slalom ski quickness for me. I didn't get to try the 5 stars though, as there just wasn't enough time in the day. I know they can't be that much different in terms of characteristics other than the six stars being stiffer and the dimensions are the same........but I can't make a decision.

I'm 6' and weigh 245 lbs, ski very aggressive (east coast) and race occasionally (skier x, nastar, anything that looks fun basically). I'm wanting a ski that can rail long arcs and pop into short slalom style turns when I get the urge, but something that will still handle everything on the mountain. The six star impressed me because of it's ability to do just that.

My question is, is the extra $200 for the six stars worth it? Should I just get the five stars instead and save the money? Are the five stars that much softer than the six's?

Thanks a ton for your advice!!!

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See my PM to you.

Becareful about pro form. I have a friend who managers a shop. They don't make any money on pro form orders. The program is supposed to be for full time ski instructors. Over the years it has growen to be a lot more than that. The best most of us non pro's can do is 20% off.
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I have no idea about the 60's but www.telemark-pyrenees.com advertises t50's for 459 euros (w/ bindings). Of course the shipping will add a little to that.

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