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The "Dirt" on Vist Bindings/Plates

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Whats the word w/ Vist bindings and plates, the website, despite grammar issues, is very interesting the 614 series looks good. Anyone ride this stuff? Can you buy multiple plates and one pair of bindings? Prices?

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The VIST bindings seem to be good stuff.
The system called Speedlock makes it possible to have more plates with just one binding. There are 3 plates (Worldcup, Pro, TT).
The connection might be a problem. The "pins" are no screws and it´s not so bombproof tight. I inspected this feature on Tuesday and there WAS some play left - unsubstantial for recreational skiers but IMO unthinkable for racers.
OTOH, during a VIST demo this October I tried both WC and Pro Speedlock plates and the onsnow impressions (extremely hard conditions, partially glacier ice) very perfect.
I hear VIST should become the supplier of plates/bindings for Stockli.
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Plates: very bomber, heavy & great for speed
Bindings: 3-4 seasons ago or so Nordica came out with a killer binding, tons of metal awesome looking design, not seen much bc it was really a "race room" kinda deal (like the LOOK WC & Rossi FKS bindings used to be).... Tecnica/ Marker aquire Nordica and have no need for a competing product...nordica binding ends
there binding looks like they purchased the design, so very promising
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Sure, VIST bought the bindings.
They couldn´r rely on plates only.
Originally, they tried to come with the VIST skis first (I had a pair of very good SL skis, sold them this fall b/c they were only 157 cm, my friend still races GS on VIST skis),
but then they somehow rethought the strategy, discontinued the skis and came with the plate + binding system instead (Speedlock).
They have Speedlock skis but consider them (at least now) to be the platform for the Speedlock system.
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Vist bind/plates part deux!

Hey all,

Thanks for the word on this stuff, I'm not a gear ho but I do like to research my stuff before I buy, limited funds and all...

So here's the application, I have a tanky (read: tough as hell but not race) boot - Nord K 9.2 w/ both spoilers in, like to FR and am looking at the Volant steel cap designs or the newer Machete FB for Squatch-Hunting (read: poaching OB stashes) in the PNW (read: wet-ish snow, PBnJ texture).

Good idea w/ speedlock Vist or not? I'm sure the micro-wobble would be bothersome, is there a way around this?

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I already wrote everything I can now: both the good experience and the possible problems.
I think only the onsnow practice will show how Speedlock really works.
The good thing is that you may have either the pins to be used with the Speedlock plates or classic screws to mount the same binding onto any plate or flat ski.
I should be testing two pairs of skis with the Speedlock Pro and TT in a few days and I will post my experience and impressions.
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Vist speedlock and Vol Machete FB compatibility

Okay I'm thinking of putting Vist speedlock plates on Volant Machete FB (w/ the 11mm factory riser), and was a little afraid to put 15-19mm Vist on 11mm Volant thats an "uber-riser" if you ask me! I don't want to feel like I'm riding on stilts! Is there a way to safely remove the factory riser and just go vist on the face?

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HI all,
My ski/boot guru LOVES the vist plates. They add significant torsional rigidity to the ski and,if desired, allow a shorter ski length due the increased lateral stiffness. We are setting up a new pair of K2 Apache Crossfires with the World Cup Air plate (the best choice for recreational skiers, not too heavy) with Salomon bindings. Not being a system, they allow you to do all your canting. I'll be skiiing a 167 where I would normally be on a 174. We're waiting for the plates to arrive. I'll let you know how they ski.
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The WC Air is NOT a plate for recreational skiers.
The WC Air SOFT goes in that direction but it´s still not a typical rec plate.
Absorber V, Absorber Duo and RI Titanium are.
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I also understood the WC Air is not a "recreational" plate.
FWIW, I put the WC Air on my new P60 GS Race Stock. I didn't want to go with the "full-on" race plate (I understand its pretty burly) but did want to have a plate appropriate for the ski. I'll be using it for ski league and high performance recreational (hard snow) skiing. Maiden voyage will be this weekend.
I got mine from Lou's Skiing Performance Center in Calgary. Lou was very helpful and knowledgeable about VIST products and applications. PM me if you'd like his email and/or phone #.
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WC Air is a bit of mystery for me.
I mounted it on a pair of extremely stiff 192 cm racestock Dynastars together with a Tyrolia freeflex binding because the rep here claimed the plate helped the ski flex better.
OTOH, VIST said somewhere WC Air was a plate for softer skis whereas WCRV for stiffer skis.
Now what?
BTW, the racestock Head GS 04/05 (I don´t know if all of them) have a new plate by VIST which is very similar to WC Air: two parts connected with the bridge.
The only way to find yout would be to mount both.
Or, maybe, to ask people at VIST. I know them all, so I will.
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Originally Posted by checkracer
Or, maybe, to ask people at VIST. I know them all, so I will.
I'll look forward to your posting their response!
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