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RX9 vs SX:11

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How is everyone? I'm trying to decide between buy a pair of SX:11 X-Cross Ti and RX9s right now, and a bit torn. As for a bit of background, I used Atomic 9.20 Beta 180 race skis as my all mountain toys (I ski east coast most of the time). My other pair are Head Cyber World Cup Ti at 180. I make the skis do whatever I want but the new pair, I'm going to be taking West a few times, but again, 80-90% of the time, is east coast. I love the fall line, and do a bit of giggles racing in the collegiate level. I like the groomers, but I also like to make a left turn and head staight off-piste and into the trees. If anyone has an other suggestions, I'm open, haven't had a chance to demo, doing that in a few days. Thanks for the suggestions.

I forgot, I'm about 150, 5'11" and absolutely loved the Fischer RC 4 GS.
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Try the Atomic b5 , you'll be thrilled with the off-piste on these things and the hook up on the groomers is awsome . From the begining of Mar. till the end of last season I skied everything from thigh deep pow , frozen layered crud ,death cookies , icy groomers and mashed potatoes on a pair of 172's ......probably the most versatile ski I have been on .
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I have a pair of Fischer RX 9's. Great egdge hold, smooth yet lots of energy. They are a lot of fun on and off the groomed and in moguls. All in all, a great all around ski. You probably wouldn't go wrong with the SX-11 either.
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I'm just about exactly the same size as you and have loved my 170cm SX:11's. I lived in Burlington, VT the past 2 years and they were the perfect ski for VT conditions.
Just moved to CO and have moved to something softer & wider.
Let me know if you have any interest in buying mine.
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TSW, how much do you want for the SX:11's and how many days you got on them? I have a pair and love them for eastern skiing too - my close friend and ski mentor needs new skis and I'm looking for a deal for him. 11's would be perfect for him.
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drop me an email:
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Just skied my new SX11s, 170cm and loved them on hard snow which is all I will use them for. Never thought I would be so enthusiastic about a 170cm ski... I am 6'1", 195lbs and my son who also skis them and he is 5'8", 220 lbs. We both had the same reaction to the SX11...loved it after the 1st run.

Did not try the B5s and I might consider those for next year.
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Stay away from any ski that makes you put Atomic bindings on them they are hostage plates. Try a pair of stockli stormrider AT. Great edge grip from race stock construction/vertical sidewall and enough under foot to get you through the deeper stuff.

Merry Christmahanakwanzaka!!
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Originally Posted by SKEEMEISTER
Stay away from any ski that makes you put Atomic bindings on them they are hostage plates...
Ummm... why?
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If a bomb-proof eastern carve/skierX ski is what youre looking for get the Elan GX Fusion Pro. I dont think that there is another ski out there right now that can match its performance without going to a race stock ski. It isnt going to be the best tool for out west... but it shouldnt matter too much unless youre going to try going cat skiing or heli skiing. True a wider ski is nicer out west, but you dont want to compromise the majority of your skiing just to have a few good days out west a season. If you end up getting a huge dump when youre traveling just rent a pair of wide boards for a day or two. I think that the GX is a great ski for you. They are very powerful - if you have ever flexed one you will know immediately that they take no prisoners.
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Stormrider AT? I've heard a few good things about Stockli's, I've also heard that the XL is a good one, has a GS feel to it, but is a midfat.
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I finally bought SX11s this winter. First tried them 2 years ago. They are great. I like to ski hard slopes...
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Hello Downhill Alamaki and wellcome to the board....
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