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Snow conditions at Mt Bachelor (Oregon)

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Has anyone skied Mt Bachelor yet this season? For those of you who have, how good is the snow for this time of year? Mt Bachelor's website says about 48 inches, but that's far more than what other resorts in the region have, so I find that hard to believe. I would really appreciate feedback from someone who recently skied Bachelor.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

For the benefit of those of you outside of the Pacific Northwest, we're are suffering from a serious deficit of snow. Mt Hood Meadows (Oregon) has about 15 to 30 inches, and Crystal Mt. near Mt Rainier (Washington) has 12 to 24 inches. This seems to be well below average for this time of the year.

The Seattle Times published an article on the lack of snow we're suffering from:


We may be getting some stormy weather in early next week. I'll be doing my best snow dance ever!

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They normally report what the sticks in the ground at the top of the skyliner chair and the wood at the base reads. They seem to have a rule that in early season they only read it after new snow: it never goes down. We had up to 60 inches at one point but it rained back to the 48 they are reporting. Most of the PNW got all rain in the big December storm. The snow is actually 0-48 inches, enough to open the whole mountain, including the Summit and Northwest, and one can ski all day without hitting a rock. If you don't keep your eyes open, you can easily find rocks to hit.

It is worked over, tired, granular snow, but the corduroy in the morning is wonderful for carving and the skating at the touring center is fast and fun. I'll be up all weekend.

New snow coming Christmas.

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I'll be there too. Trying out a new pair of Atomic SL9's. Is there much Gaper factor? Prolly hang out at Outback or Rainbow.
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Thanks for the info. Most appreciated.

I'm hoping that we'll get some stormy weather in the week of December 26th that will give us a good dump of snow. I'm thinking about a weekend trip to Bend (Mt Bachelor) right around New Year's.
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About a year ago, we lived in Ashland OR and skied many times at Mt. Bachelor. It's an awsome mountain with the best snow and lifts in the northwest. Powder was spectacular in both quantity and quality.

However, the major downside is weather. It's painful! I've never encounterd wind as hard and cold as at Mt. Bachelor - especially when snow is mixed-in.

I'm sure I have facial scars from riding those lifts. It was like sitting in a sandblaster.

For spring skiing, though, it's the nicest resort I've seen. Great vibe and beautiful sun.
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