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Raichle Boot parts

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I’m still skiing some Raichle F.one (315mm), albeit several liners have worn out. I need a buckle (actually just the part that adjusts) and heel plates for both boots. Do you know where I can get them? I have tried several boots, but can't yet find a satisfactory replacement. Does anyone have any unused Atomic foam molded boots?
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I have a pair of flexon comps in 310mm, black with yellow cuffs+buckles. You are welcome to have them for parts. It has five good buckles and good heel plates. I only ask that you pay for shipping or you can pick up in san diego if you are in southern California.
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the F1 and flexon are two different boots, as for parts try ski west 403 270 3800 i thought i saw some there
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Cosmo's custom bootwerks in North Tahoe used to be a big Raichle retailer and probably has the parts you need. Also, in an earlier thread here someone mentioned two different shops in Canada that may have a lot of spare parts.
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