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Volant Machete Sin Question?

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I ski mainly in the Eastern US (therefore Icy conditions) I recently came across a Great Deal on some Volant Machete Sins 185's so I purchased them because I had always wanted to try a pair of Volant's. My question is what should I expect from these in the type of Conditions that I will mainly be skiing in? Everything I read talks about how good they are in the crud but I have seen nothing about the ice.
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Check with xDog1.........he lives in NY and ski's the machete.
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The edge hold is tenacious when the ski is tuned well. It is not a carver though, with a 24m turn radius, so you will need to work them (edge them) a bit more to get them to grab. The lifter plate helps.

Wish you'd've searched here before you bought, I'd've saved you a few shekels.

Good luck with them.
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Thanks for the info, I got them brand new for $150 which I thought was a pretty good deal. Not sure but for me they may be an improvement over what I was skiing before (I was using some Head not sure model number but they were Straight Skis).
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yea 150 is great...I just bought some volant chubbs for 177 on ebay....I hear the chubbs are more forgiving then the machetes...im skiing in colorado so they are great powder boards....i hear the machetes are sick though
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Sins at 175cm

I bought a pair of 175cm Sins at the end of last year.
I was skiing Volkl g4's before in a 168cm.
At first I didn't like the Sin's, not as responsive as the
G4's. I moved the toe forward 1/4" and for now their
my everyday ski of choice. The toe and tail are a little
more flexable than the G4 and the extract 7cm length
seems more to my liking.
Great ski if you get it at a good price.
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i am form PA and I ski Sin's

I just got mi skis and I love them. I am a good skier and these skis rock. They make any turn well. If you shift your weight on to the back of the ski throught a short radious turn they will almost send you airborn. they bust through the crud, float through the powder and can carve the ice. I would highle recomed them.
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awesome ski! but watch out for the tip guard bolts (read above). They were so fast, my buddy couldn't keep up. I can't wait to try them in the bumps and out west.
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Just bought these a couple weeks ago in CO. Awsome awsome awsome. best ski I'veever used. At first I had ahard time with them, but once I figured it out I had the fastest skiing day ever. Once you figure out how to turn you'll freak out, you can go faster turning than going straight.
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