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Great boot fitter in Tahoe?

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I'm looking for a master boot fitter at Tahoe who will take the time to get things right. Someone who can also do alignment, footbeds, etc. Any suggestions? I'd sure appreciate the help!!
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Tahoe boot fitter

Cosmos, the best!!phone 530 581-5404. Make an appointment and bring a sixer of Miller lite, Ya, I know, but he loves the stuff. A great guy who can and will do it all and you will enjoy the experience. I was up last Fri. for an alignment evaluation. The charge for the eval was to be $65. Plus labor and whatever needed stuff.Cosmo spent a full hour with me both with the alignment eval and subsequent foot bed building and eval of my supper feet insoles. When all done he corrected a great deal and allowed me for the first time to be flat on the snow and to tip onto my edges with the "normal" amount of ankle tilt. The total charge $40. He said when I needed new boots there would be no charge for the fit and adjustment and he offers the Lowest advertised pricing. North shore, Tahoe city. See my post Dec 18th and Cosmos add.
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Cosmo is good. Unless things have changed make sure you get an appointment before noon. I went to him a few times in the evening and we has three sheets to the wind sapping off of a keg all afternoon.

Chrsitian at Elite Feet is very good. They are located at the Squaw Creek resort. A little more of a professional atmosphere.

Either one will suit your needs fine. Both are good at what they do.

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I disagreee with MKEVENSON on Cosmo.

I find that interesting microbrews work better than Miller Lite!
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Tahoe Boot N Bike?
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Miller lite?

Now just a doggon minute!!!! Cosmo likes the ML and I, just a good porter or stout. However with a gentle twist I've been known to "taste" the other brews. By golly even a glass of wine has crossed my lips on occasion.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

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Go see Bud at Snowind Sports in the Reno Hilton. He's going to be the onsite bootfitter at the EpicSki academy in January. He does footbeds, grinding, punching, and balancing. He balanced my Atomic race boots, which eliminated the canting by washers between the atomic heel/toe pieces and the boot sole. Good guy and he can ski too. (Former Far West Demo Team member.) He also just got the new Flexon/Dalbelo's in (he got to ski with GP as well!) He's the owner and operator of Snowind, so be sure and call to set up an appointment. 775.323.9463
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Chrsitian at Elite Feet

Christian did my set up. He is the best bootfitter I have ever been to. Plus he is a friend of AC's. He knows Epicski.

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Gunnar at Granite Chief

also, Gary at Granite Chief
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You all know anything about the folks at Bobo's Mogul Mouse in Reno?
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also check out Starthaus. www.starthaus.com
Jim Schaftner. He does the fitting/balancing for most of the western Demo team as well as lots of the racing clubs/teams in the area.
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Any in south Tahoe

Any fitters recommended south of Tahoe? We are mainly at

Specifically for adjusting canting.
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