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Mounted my own bindings...got a question...

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Hello everyone.

Just got my 2005 K2 Apache Recons (174cm) in the other day with the integrated Marker Piston 14.0 IBX bindings. Initially, I was going to have a shop do this, but the guy a bought the skis from told me that I should be able to do easily myself, especially since I do all my own ski maintanence/tuning on my own, save for a stone-grind! Just to preface this matter, I have mounted and adjusted my share of bindings back when I worked at a very good ski shop during my college years. So, after looking at the instructions that came in the Marker box, I decided I'd give it a go.

Since the "track" of the bindings were installed on the skis from the factory, all I had to do was mount the bindings on the track, adjust for the proper sole length, put in three screws, click in a boot and adjust for forward pressure. Everything went smooth and according to instructions. However, I came across one problem: the mid-sole marker at the bottom of my boot (Lange Banshee 110, 305mm sole length) does not line up with the mid-sole marker on the skis themselves. Currently, my boot mid-sole mark is about 1" forward of the ski's mid-sole mark. The bindings have been fastened at the positions on the track that correspond to my boot's over-all sole length.

Did I mount the bindings correctly? I could easily move back the entire binding system one set of marks and get the mid-sole marks to line-up but now I would be at the improper marks for my boot's sole length. Or, is how I have the bindings set-up now, with them in the proper position for boot sole length, the correct way?

Sorry if it sounds confusing, but I'm a bit confused myself! Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

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I believe that there is a series of 3 poistions the set screws get placed in depending on the boot sole mm length. You might want to amkes ure that they are set in the correct set screw position.

You do realize that if something happens to you becasue of a binding failure you might need to provide proof they were installed by a certified tech.

On that note I work at a ski shop and mount my own skis and I am not certified but I don't have the integrated systems either.

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Bring them to a shop.
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Okay, so I took them to a shop...

...that my ski club frequents. The salesman said he'd have a tech look at 'em. The tech came out and said the they were simply mounted one set of holes too forward. I told him I tried to do the install in accordence to my boot sole length and he said I mis-understood the instructions. He slid both pieces back one mark and, viola!, everything lined-up. Didn't charge me anything since I just bought my boots there in September.

On the side, he said that he really thinks the whole ski/binding interface is a good thing, but he's seen a lot more people doing self-installs. He says thery're simple enough to do, but worries about the DIN settings people maybe using.

Oh well, thanks for the replies guys and hope you and yours have a Great Holiday Season!
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