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Head Gloves at Costco

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I was at Costco recently and stumbled onto some Head Ski/Snowboard gloves for $15. They are made with Outlast and Hipora material and appear to be of decent quality so I bought a pair. I've used them the past two nights walking the dog at -5 F and 0 F and they worked great. Has anyone had any real skiing experience with these gloves?
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> ...Has anyone had any real skiing experience with these gloves?

Not yet, but I also saw them and bought a pr. for my kid and myself. They look good, and at that price its hard to go wrong. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Tom / PM
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I bought the same ones last weekend!
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Bought the same pair last year at marshalls. A friend had crappy gloves and got really cold, so she borrowed mine and they kept her hands dry and warm all day.
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This should be in the Gear Review section!

Hope we have a Costco nearby.
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I bought two pair for this winter also. Teaching full time, I've yet to buy a pair heavy warm gloves that can make it all winter. So far for me, the Swany's from PSIA lasted the best, but two pair of the Costco gloves are $15 cheaper than one pair of swany's. Two pair will allow one to always be drying. Easy to take a gamble at this price.
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I saw those gloves while in the states. As soon as I pulled my hand out, the liner came out too. Bad constrcution. If that happened in really cold weather, serious damage could occur - to your hands! Whereas, I recently tested the PM Gear KevGlove for the company and was absolutely impressed with the kevlar palms and fingers, the warmth, waterproofing, etc. $39 is a deal, [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] considering kevlar costs $60 a yard. www.pmgearusa.com
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Costo, huh? Do they come in 12-packs?
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Originally posted by Ugli Pupferknick:
Costo, huh? Do they come in 12-packs?
Nah, but they were fairly close to the Kokanee 12 packs. I ended up buying both.
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