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Ski-93 NH conditions

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Cannon, Loon, Waterville - anybody have a report?
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Originally Posted by drbeier
Cannon, Loon, Waterville - anybody have a report?
I skied Loon on Sunday, 12/19. Conditions were great in the morning, icy (as always) in the afternoon. Last I checked, Loon had half of the trails open. You can check the websites for the full snow reports (http://www.loonmtn.com, http://www.waterville.com, http://cannonmt.com).

I was told by another skier on Sunday that Waterville had the best conditions around. Of course, the warmer weather today is just setting us up for the big ice freeze this weekend. I saw that Bretton Woods received 13+ inches over the last three or four days. Though that's a little further from Boston. Good luck!
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Skied Waterville coupla times this month -- last trip 12/17. Conditions were pretty good last Friday. Road lift with someone who stated Cannon had decent snow but not much open.
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baaaad news up there - just got back from killington and it was pouring rain and foggy
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Loon & Waterville were good last weekend, but it just finished raining and pouring for the last 5 hours here in central NH. Add to that a temperature drop of 30 degrees tonight and your guess is as good as mine.

Better sharpen your edges and focus on skiing ice for the weekend!!!!!!!!!

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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