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Summit weather....you gettin this?

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Hey Summit CO, are you getting any of this snow we're getting down near the front range? It isn't much but we needed it everywhere. I took a peek at the resort snow reports and doesn't look like any significant accumulation but who knows. And can you say brrrrrrrrr? Looking like wind chill factors of -15? :
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It's more of an upslope. 1-2" in most of summit. Loveland or WP might be a good call.
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Just looking out my window, it looks like we got a sprinkling last night. But with sub zero temps and huge crowds, I 'm glad I have a seasons pass. May be a good day to catch up on errands!

Update: They are expecting accumulation of 1-3 inches, the HIGH will be zero, with a windchill factor of -20.
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I'm looking out the window now and you can't see the top of any of the peaks from the base of Peak 9 due to snow....however there is not much in the forecast.

Early this AM the report was -39 with the wind chill (on top)!!!! Actual temp at 7:30 this morning was -7.

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Damn, I didn't really wanna leave Tuesday, but that's cold!
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Wow, freakin cold up in the Summit right now. I think it's supposed to warm up this weekend, but I hope it doesn't warm up too much. How are the snow conditions looking? Hasn't been any snow in a while. Anyone know what the long range, 10 day, forecast is looking like?
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HI MIKE (and "T")---Thanks for a great Friday last week !!

jtg 99----(Breckenridge) The surface is holding up pretty good---some slick spots in the highly traveled spots and thin where there is no snow making but all is avoidable. (I haven't hit anything yet in a week)

No major snow in sight---just an inch or so today---great holding snow if you want to rip on some groomers.
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How is Dr. Frau doing?
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FRAU really did great. We went right up the 6-pack after going from Beaver Run to the bottom. First Run......Already turning !

Wide track parallel with nice turn shape and skiing Cashier/Bonanza and similar stuff like that on Peak 9. She did end up taking a class on Sunday after we skied two runs....the rest of the week I just mentioned any of the "little bad habbits" that could turn into big problems that I spotted and gave some quick pointers...and it went really well.

She had a really great day yesterday-----and laughed at a pretty good double release.......Can't hate that can we !
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I'm home! Got to the house about 2 am from Pitt. airport.

It was just too Butt-cold to try to ski at Breck yesterday before we went to the airport. With minus 30 windchills, I preferred to make it home for Christmas with all of my digits/extremities still attached! : Still got 3 good days in though.

Sunday was surprising and exciting in that my legs still remembered a few things after 20+ years. Monday involved some hard work, frustration, and a fair amount of swearing at myself and the mountain, 'cause I was pushing/working too hard to get it "right" instead of letting it happen. Knees were screaming by early afternoon from trying to force everything. Wednesday was the break-out day - felt good - was "feeling it"-wasn't working so hard - had a great time - yeah, even laughed thru the double-release and something Louie called a "Polish Donut?"

My "official" lesson was pretty much just reinforcment of what I had already picked up, so no massive breakthru's there. I let Louie do some low-key "teaching", and I actually grasped more this way - AND we are still speaking! LOL!

It was just FABULOUS - I'm sorry I missed you guys ---- I apparently stink at phone tag.

Gotta go hit the grocery store now this morning to restock before the relatives get here....... Merry Christmas!!!!
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