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Conditions up North?

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Well, it looks like we may never ski in the Mid Atlantic : Looking pretty grim.

Can anyone fill us in on the conditions in Vermont & Maine? Roadtrip!!
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50 deg and rain today,,, teens tonight 20's tomorrow. need I say more.
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Smugglers Notch

We were up at Smuggs' from 12/12 for a week. The colder temperature and the 23 inches that had fallen thoughout the week put a very nice covering on most of the slopes. I was told they had next to nothing before that and some were concerned about the same kind of thing you mentioned.

Beginner trail selection was very limited. For people who skied at the upper mountains, it was a different story. Even though only Sterling was opened for the better part of the week, there were enough snow and (range of) trails to make it exciting. Most of the trails turned more icy and scraped off as the week progressed though. The best condition was consistently found in the glades where the snow was knee deep.
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Here in W. Pa. it looks like we'll get a three day snowmaking window starting tonight to hopefully 'buff" up what will be very icy conditions with the rain first and then the very cold temps following. I can learn to live with that, but we get another warmup in temps before New Years!

Enough is enough with the lack of winter here in the banana belt. Its a real bummer that we apparently aren't going to see any sustained winter weather anytime soon. Looks like the west is going to get snow between Christmas and New Years so if you're there enjoy. Hopefully, we can get something going after New Years here.
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