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boot / alignment question

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After two days in new boots, bindings, and skis, my daughter is complaining of pain from above ankle to lower shin area - basically, front of boot area. With so many pieces to the new puzzle, I was wondering where folks would suggest I start to solve it. I have a hunch, set out below.

Here's the setup:

daughter - 14 y/o; 5'3"; @ 95 - 100 lbs. competent, careful, not aggressive skier.

skis - dynastar exclusive 9 (150 cm)

bindings - look nova exclusive

boots - Nordica GP TJ jr. Fit comfortably, not overly snug. 25.5, she moved up from 24.5 last year.

footbeds - the stock beds in Nordica boots were absolutely flat pieces of cardboard or something equally useless. So, I replaced them with a pair of "shock doctor" footbeds - not ski specific, but for hiking, running, etc. stiffer foam footbed with some arch support and heel cup.

My hunch is the issue is the raised heel / increased "ramp angle" on skis, which is part of Dynastar's "exclusive" (i.e., women's) ski design. Don't know if the bindings also include extra lift on the heel. Either way it seems to me like there's too much heel lift, and I ought to ask a shop to put a shim under the toepiece of bindings, or remove lift under the heels if possible, to straighten her up.

Make sense? Other issues?
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Interesting. My step daughter has almost identical specs - maybe 5 pounds heavier. She is skiing on the same set up this year as last which includes a Dynastar Junor Race Slalom ski (140 cm) and the Look Pivot binding.

She didn't complain last year but this year she has complained about her shins. She has also grown quite a bit in the last year. I had been thinking that it was because she doesn't tighten up her boots enough and so the shin bangs into the front of the boot when she gets thrown by snow or terrain. Also we have been working to get her more forward. So maybe that is a contributor too.
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Alignment Issue!

Not likely that the "extra ramp" in the ski is causing the pain.

1) Needs a good footbed

2) Check cuff alignment after installing footbed.

3) May need to have boot streched in the ankle/navicular area, but only post footbed.

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the footbed you installed may be taking up too much volume thus causing her discomfort over the instep area. Try just using the stock insole to see if that relieves the pain. Then if that is the cause you could sand down the other insole to make it thinner and reinstall and try again. Either way it sounds like a volume problem.

As for ramp angle...if the skis have a built in ramp angle like a model Olin had awhile ago, and she has a look binding (on the steeper stand height end of the spectrum, and the foot bed you installed is thick under the heel, you may be correct that she is pitched too far forward. Remember if you have to much angle the skier will look like they are skiing in the back seat because their hips are being pitched too far forward and the hips must be moved back to compensate and she will feel more pressure on the back of the boot vs. her tongues. by lowering the ramp/delta angles she should begin to feel more constant pressure on her tongues and ski more upright. You can experiment with bontex shims between her toe afd and boot for a couple runs on groomers.
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