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Rossignol R2003 plug boots

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I need some information on the Rossginol plug boots because i have an opportunity to buy these boots. I haven't tried them yet but i would like to know what to expect. My main concerns are:

- last
- stiffness
- size ( i wear size 25.5 on my XT 17s)

So, what can you tell me about the last of these boots? are they impossible to fit whithout too much bootwork?
About stiffness now - i know that the Rossignol plug boots come in different race flexes: B is softest and C is medium. Which one is closest to the XT 17?( i weight 154 lbs )
About sizing - what do you reccomend? My XT 17s fit me perfectly out of the box ( and they are very snug) should i get a 26.0 or a 25.0?

You might say that i should ask Jeff Bergeron. Well, i did but it seems that he is not present in the forum everyday and i need to make a decision soon.

Thanks a lot for your answers.
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If XT's fit perfect out of the box, why would you want to change? Its pretty rare to find a boot that fits your foot perfectly.
Price is never a good reason to decide on boots, and I doubt you'll get any measurable improvement in performance over an XT.
I have the XT's right now and they fit me really well. I tried on the Diablo race pro and its even better.
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Rossignol plug is essentially Lange (with everything that comes with it .

All this said, if you have a change to get plug boot, get it. Plug boots are not designed to fit anything remotely resembling a human foot (the are designed to fit plugs, not feet, hence the name). Grinding by experienced bootfitter is a must, but performance difference is worth every penny spent.

For your weight I'd recommend soft flex (B). It will still be much stiffer than your XT17. Get it a size lower and fit it by grinding.

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If you have tried on the Lange plug boot... the Rossi plug is pretty much the same boot. It is stiffer and has more foreward lean than the XT 17. A better Technica comparison would be the XT 24 or the old Formula. If the XT fits i would just ski int he XT. The performance difference between the two boots is not a lot - unless you are racing, or only like a VERY low volume fit. The Rossi will also need A LOT of work done to it. They send the boot with the intension of grinding the heel out at least 1/4". Plan on several grindings and punches to shape the boot properly. I have had my foot in the Lange and Rossi, and the boot is not shaped like a foot before you grind it.
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[quote]Originally posted by U.P. Racer:
[QB] If XT's fit perfect out of the box, why would you want to change?

This is the first thing that came to my mind after i posted this topic. I will try the boots on just to see how they fit but I'll kep my XT's.

One more thing - rush614 you said that i should get it a size lower and grind it. I was wondering if i would have got 26.0 and not 25.0, how would have that affected my fit? I think that size 25.0 needs a lot of grinding while size 26.0 might be ok or maybe too big? (this is purely theoretical but i wanted to know the difference between the 2 sizes.
This is not a stupid quetion (as it might appear when you first read it) because the only size i could have tried was 26.0 Why? Because a friend of mine ordered his boots in this size and they were only the only boots i could try on. For size 25.0 the only option i had was to order it without trying the boots on in that size.

Thank you all for your help.

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Go as small as you can. With a plug boot, if there is any space that will allow your foot to move in any direction you will be in intense pain. Your foot will jam into the boot where ever it can move and you will have really messed up feet. Things like ripped off toenails, calcium deposits, bruises, and severe blisters are common if you are in a plug that is too big. It is better to go smaller and make it fit your foot perfectly, than to grind a few spots here and there and have gaping holes in other places. Of course the bigger boot will be very comfortable when you are standing still, but once you gte moving (and i assume you ski aggressively if you are even considering a plug) you will wish you had the smaller size. Try both on before you make any decisions though.
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Well i gave a lot of thought to your answers and i have decided that i'll keep my XT 17s. Why? It's simple: i have no (competent) bootfitter to go to so i can't buy a plug boot without doing some work on the boot.
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I think you are making the wise decision.
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