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'02 K2 Axis Mod X Pro vs. '04 Axis XT

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Does anyone recall a demo history on some axis skis? I have a chance to buy an unused pair of '02 Mod X Pro's for $200 and was wondering if anyone has skied them and could compair them to last years Axis XT's. I demoed the XT's last year ('04) and thought they were pretty incredible in that they were so forgiving, yet could handle most conditions, and held an edge at high speeds with no grief. They really were the most versatile and nonchalant ski I've been on. I ended up with last years vokle 6 stars, because I enjoy a more aggressive feeling ski - but thought the axis would make a great ski for instructing. Does anyone remember if the mod x pro is anything like the xt?
Thanks much -
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I remember that the Pro - and all the Mods back then - were meant to be skied longer than more recent Axis models. The XT should have a fair bit more shape too...

You might try contacting Ric Reiter here - he was skiing on the XT last year and, as a K2 rep, probably well remembers skiing the Mod X Pro. He'd be able to give you an accurate comparison.
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I used to have Axis X Pros, which were good skis. Great in crud, good on piste, just not wide enough for Utah, but a very nice ski.
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Thanks for the replys BearBerry & Wear the Fox Hat

BearBerry- do you know Ric Reiter's ID name? I couldn't find anything under Ric Reiter.
Thanks much -
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Wasn't the evolution:

Mod X Pro -> Axis XP -> current ski (Apache Recon?)?

I think I remember the Mod X Pro being the same dimensions as the Mod X, just with metal. I think dimensions were something like 107-70-97? Could be wrong. I think it would be different from the XT in that it was designed as an on/off trail type ski, where I think the XT has more of a groomer bias.
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The mod X pro is narrower than the XT by about 7 or 8 mm. Overall it has a stiffer flex. When I demoed them both I felt the 181 and 188cm mod x prop skied alomst identical howeverthe 181 was more fun. The evolution is correct mod x pro > Axis XP > Recon. If you don'town a pair of pwder boards I would go for one of the new moedls since the provide more surface area. If you have some powder boards go for the odle mod x pro.

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The evolution was mod x pro to axis x pro, the XP came the year later and was based more on the Mod x and Axis X series
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Go for the Mod X Pro !

I actually ski all 3 of them; the Mod X Pro, the XP and the Recon. And ... My favorite is the old Mod ! Skied the Recon earlier this evening; it is a very good pair of skies - but so far nothing can compare to my oldest ones !
(All this said; make your mind up yourself ... !)
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Espen why do you have a XP and A Recon? The Recon and the XP are the same ski except the recon has the f#%#@ing binding system. If you can't tell I'm not a big fan of binding systems. I have a pair of 181 mod x i still like them better then any other ski for bumps
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Hi Utah49 ! I really don't know ... I read the test in Ski Mag; which was pretty good - and some weeks ago and I saw them in a store in Oslo. Then they just jumped into my arms and followed me all the way home.
I have a "bad habit" of buying skis; I usually end up with 2-3 new pairs a season.
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Espen you need to seek help at the Betty Ford rehab center for ski gear whores In bever Creek Colorado. The first step is admiting you have a problem.
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I'll admit any problem - as long as it means skiing in the US !!! By the way, I didn't know Mrs. Ford had problems with her skis; tell her I'll bring a few extra pairs !
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Originally Posted by SKEEMEISTER
The mod X pro is narrower than the XT by about 7 or 8 mm.
I think you have compared the dimnesions of the Mod X Pro to the Axis XP not XT.

The Mod X Pro/Axis X Pro was 107/70/97, while the XT is 109/68/99. They have essentially the same construction, but the XT/Apache Crossfire has a tighter turning radius and, as has been mentioned, is meant to be skied shorter. I owned the Mod X Pro and Axis X Pro (188's) and really enjoyed them...that is until I got fatter skis...
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Thanks All. I finally sucked it up and decided to take them for a spin (which means I own them now). They were far more forgiving than my vokle six stars - pretty versatile - but they left me very nervous near top speeds, like the ege wasn't going to hold. Is that because they're 168's? From the comments, looks these were meant to be skied longer - and I've heard the 181s were the length to have.
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