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Chestnut Pics 12/22

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Things are finally cranked up here in the midwest. Chestnut in Galena Illinois.

Very cold skiing today with the westerly wind blowing the zero degree
air upslope. Cold enough that snowmaking ran all day without sticking
to goggles. I arrived and several busloads of kids were in the
parking lot. For about twenty minutes there was a couple of hundred
kids hording the begginer area. For the next five hours there was a
couple hundred kids in the cafeteria. I had to wait for someone to
ride the chair with.

Conditions were bulletproof. Excellent snow. Fun, fun, fun. I love
skiing, especially in the freezing cold. Its all about the mittens.

Skied several laps with this guy. From Texas, and he was damned good.
Ski's Utah mostly. Today, he opted for Chestnut.


The very top steep portion of Warpath, and the backside were closed.
Everything else was open, including lower warpath. I lapped it all


I've always had a fascination with snowmaking equipment, especially
when its cold, and cranked up. This polecat is set up on an elaborate


A look north toward Dubuque up the Mississippi.


A good day. I'd like to extend my thanks to the Mississippi river for
providing the water, and coal generated electricty that powers the
pumps and blowers, and the hardworking guys in coveralls who haul the
hoses, clear the ice, and generally have a nasty job so that guys like
me can smile and lay down sweepers.

Did I mention that I love skiing?

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Uglymoney: Man, those photos bring back memories. I used to live in Fairfield, Iowa and skied Chestnut several times every winter. However, I don't remember it ever looking as good as in your pics.
You don't need a lot of snow there, it just has to be cold. The cold keeps the base intact and permits snow-blowing.
"Warpath" is a great "double-black" , that starts with some good steep turns and provides fast run-out.
"Apache", the next run to the east, is also nice.
Chestnut is plenty big to give you a great workout and a wonderful day of skiing.
Enjoy, and thanks for the pics!
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The snow looks nice... Firm, but carvable... Glad you had fun!
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I just got back from Alpine Valley. It was cold, actually we left before lunch because my 8 1/2 year old daughter was too cold.

I was out on Tuesday and conditions were good. With this cold/freezing weather they should be able to make some good snow!
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