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Tuning question - deburring

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Brand new skis, got them stoneground and got the base-edge bevel set to 0.5 degrees. I had the shop leave the side-edge bevel alone.

Took them home, used a few passes of the panzar file to set the side edge bevel to 2 degrees. Ran a few passes with the 8" file, then a few with the 6" file and the edge is sharp. However there is now a nearly uniform, minor burr on the edge that will not go away with a DMT diamond stone (it's a little old, I'm not sure of the grit), Swix 400-grit diamond file, or Swix fine-grained stone. I haven't bothered with the gummi or the course deburring stone.

Any recommendations?
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Are you sure that the diamond stone is making full contact with the metal edge and not resting on any sidewall material?

You might need a lower grit or better diamond stone. Alot of us like the Moonflex diamond stones because they clean up burrs and sharpen the edge at the same time.

The DMT stones are extra- coarse (220, black), coarse (325, blue), fine (600, red), or extra-fine (1200, green) grits.

If you are using a red Swix diamond stone then it is too fine and you will kill the diamond surface.
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