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Volkl Vertigo 20/20

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I'm shopping for skis for my wife (5' tall, 100 lbs). She enjoys skiing mostly groomed, but we're in the Pacific Northwest, so she needs a ski that's going to be a crud-buster as well.

The Volkl line of female specific skis ("20/20") looks nice. Specifically, the Vertigo 20/20 has the side-cut that my wife would most likely enjoy out here in the West (a mid-fat). There are two models of Vertigo 20/20: Vertigo 20/20 Motion (with the integrated Marker binding) and Vertigo G1 20/20 (no binding).

Does anybody know if there is a difference in the ski itself between these two? They have the exact same sidecut. The Vertigo 20/20 Motion has gotten all the press (Ski magazine gold medal, etc), while I have not found as much about the Vertigo G1 20/20. I can outfit the Vertigo G1 20/20 for about $150 less than the Vertigo 20/20 Motion.

Also: REI.com has last year's Salomon X-Scream Series Women's ski (red cosmetics) for $299. Looks very similar to this year's model. Any small women skied on these? Your impressions?
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Not at work now so do not have all my info at hand . Traditionaly Volkl uses thier top of the line ski for the motion series : the vectris 3 for the carver motion , the G-3 for the vertigo motion and so on. At that point the skiis are the same.The motion alows for the free flex of the ski useing a propriatary system.You can do the same thing useing a free flex binding like the Marker glide or piston , and the tyrolia cybers freeflex or the new rail system.Personaly I used the Tyrolia free flex because I could get a higher lift with the speed plate.The rail system does not have supplimental lifters this year.But I like thier rail binding better than marker motion since it has the ability to change the boot position for and aft. and is on rails just like the marker motions and you can put the tyrolia on any ski.----------- back to the beginning , is the 20/20 vertigo motion the same as the g-1 ?--if there is a 20/20 g-2 or g-3 then no----------- if only a g-1 probably , will ck tomarrow and let you know.
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I don't know much about the new ones, but my girls are skiing on Vertigo G 20/20 skis from a couple of years ago. Probably before the motion stuff came out. We mounted them with some Look bindings, and they just love them!
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