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North Conway, NH

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Well for the second year I will be going up to North Conway, NH the last week in Feb. Should be a blast, me and 4 or 5 friends are gonna tear up the mountains. Last year we hit Black, King Pine, Cannon, Cranmore, Wildcat, and one more I can't think of.

My question is, does anybody know of some good eats and such up and around that area? There is always Horsefeathers and the Moose place, but this year we don't have a kitchen and will be eating out every night.
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Hit the Moat Brewhouse on northern end of town. Great beers and pretty decent BBQ. Good value, too. How was Black? Been everywhere else up there but have never tried.
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Had an interesting meal at the Bangkok Cafe the other day. Good Thai food next door to International Mountain Equipment.
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Horsefeathers...I worked at Farringtons on Lake Kezar Summer 1981 and my first date was to see Raiders of the lost ark and to horsefeathers...that's a trip it's still there.
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There is an excellent Mexican place on the East side of NH 16 in Conway (not North Conway) which is worth the trip. It is small so go during the off hours. The food is fresh and is the best Mexican in NH in my opinion and yes I have been to Shorty's which is good too.
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Originally Posted by Talisman
There is an excellent Mexican place on the East side of NH 16 .
Cafe Noche! I LOVE the food there!
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Elvio's (just north of the EMS climbing school) has excellent new york style pizza.

On your way or your way back there's a place a mile off Rt 16 in Wakefield called the Pine River Steak House. Great steak and seafood dinners.
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Following my first backcountry experience (climbing and skiing tucks in early march) we stopped at Cafe Noche to grab some eats and some tuckermans pale ales...

We got such a great meal that its now customary to end all of our climbs in North Conway over there...

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We lived in the Valley for four years, and return to ski every year at least twice. We always eat at Shalimar of India and China Chef (try Peking if you want a more American-style Chinese restaurant).

hoping for snow in Whitaker's Woods for X-country, b/c we're going tomorrow!
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The Common Man.
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