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Elan S10, S12 or Fisher RX8

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Any comments would help about these would help.
I will demo in Vermont next week and am looking for some information aboout these.
I am 6' and abput 220 lbs and am looking for a pair of shaped skiis finally. I like skiing fast on steep trails in the Northeast. I also ski with the wife and kids on blues and greens. Last year I demoed the 6*'s, and it was too much work skiing on the blues and greens.
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Try the 6* again this year. The new Piston binding will mellow it out. Also, enjoy the RX8 and S12, too. They have similar feel, but the RX8 is a bit more lively while the S12 has a unique sense of riding the ski "from the inside". You'll likely want to start at 170 for any of these skis.

You also might want to try the Atomic Metron:b5. The sidecut would give you great carved turns even on the narrow trails, and the breadth of conditions for which it is suited may be to your liking, as well. Try them in the 162 and the 172.
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Thanks for the reply.

I read your post on the demos you did. Lots of great info.
One question I have is about a ski being lively. What does that mean? It has been a while since I have shopped for skis. :
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Well, I can't tell you objectively what it means, but for me it means that the ski is returning energy to me instead of simply absorbing it. In the old days, slalom skis were "lively" and GS skis were "damp". I think of a "lively" ski as one that feels like a thoroughbred ready to break into a gallop.

All of this said, the S12 and RX8 are very close to each other. They just feel different. The b5 is a completely different ski, but equally fun, IMO. And that 11m turn radius on the b5 (in the 165) has it carve amazing arcs! I'll look forward to your impression once you are able to get on them. I will say that this year I am batting 1000: everyone who has jumped on an RX8 in my presence has a big grin after their runs on them...
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That makes sense. Thanks.

I am looking forward to trying them out.
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