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can my boots be saved?

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My boots are about 10 years old, but since I rarely ski more than 6 times a year I think they've probably been used under 100 times total. The heel area is beginning to get loose. I can lift my heel in the boot a little when standing. When skiing and I hit a bump, I feel like I'm gonna pop out of my boots. I've tried lift inserts and didn't like them, they threw off my balance, although they did tighten the heel pocket. If I clamp the boots tighter, it makes no difference, I can still lift my heel, only makes my feet colder. Heavier socks work somewhat. What are my other options to tighten up the heel? These boots are extremely comfortable, never a pinch or any other discomfort, and the shells are in great shape. What are the other things a bootfitter could do to tighten up the heel area? What about replacement liners like Zipfits?
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Never tried the zipfits, so I can't comment on them, but a boot fitter can stick a "dogbone" in the back around the heel area to tighten it up a bit. I found that helps with alot of people with a loose heel pocket [img]smile.gif[/img] Hope that helps!

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From what you describe, your skiing must be more of a chore than I would even like to contemplate.

You need new boots and you need to get a good fit.

Go directly to a good ski shop and skip the "city discount" bigger is better type of places.

In addition to "packing out" from use, the foam has also suffered from age.

P.S. We Noo-Joy-Z natives do not refer to this place as a NYC suburb ..... Noo Yawk types may but ......
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Originally posted by yuki:
From what you describe, your skiing must be more of a chore than I would even like to contemplate.

Go directly to a good ski shop and skip the "city discount" bigger is better type of places.

P.S. We Noo-Joy-Z natives do not refer to this place as a NYC suburb ..... Noo Yawk types may but ......
I guess to clarify, Yuki, I am a NY (upstate) native living in NJ but I like your Joy-Z accent!

Although I wouldn't say skiing is a chore, but the combo of new skis and aging boots certainly isn't doing me any benefit...

OK, conflict here...the big city ski shop in Paramus, SKI BARN, is the only one in the area that has Masterfit U bootfitters. Generally I try to stay away from big shops like this too, but should I go there anyways just because their bootfitters are accredited, even though I usually have to fight for attention?

Does anyone have any shops in Bergen county NJ to recommend - or mountain ski shops in the Catskill area? Anyone know about Cury's in Ramsey?

Anyone know where around Northern NJ can I find an alignment specialist? I am suspecting I need that worked on too...
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Hey Marta,

Its ten years, and unless you are absolutely, positively in love with your boots, it is time for a change. If you can't change, perhaps the master boot fitter can refit your present boots and make some repairs. Frankly, I think they are old, and outdated and not suitable for the new shaped skis.

So go to the Ski Barn and find that master boot fitter.

I also think you should treat yourself to a new pair of boots, the soft boots may be an appropriate choice. Don't forget to get "alligned' as well. Your master boot fitter will know exactly what that means.

In case your skis are also ten yers old, I would suggest alook at Volant's Vertex line, they are a women's specific ski. Their new web site is suppsoe to be www.volantski.com
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Hey Wink!
I'm one step ahead of you there. Already got the Vertex Epics! Got them last year. Loooove them! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Birthday coming up. Perhaps a trip to Ski Barn will be on the wish list...
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To save a few $$'s you may want to look at some of last year's models. If it's not too far to travel, Far Hills has a good shop, I think it's called "The Sports People". The owner is good at sizing and fitting boots.

Just make sure, Ski Barn or wherever, you don't walk out unless you're sure you've got a boot that fits. Size the shell first, you can push the shell out but you can't shrink it.
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Oh don't worry about that! I will be sure to only buy what fits me best! That is why I loved my old Sol's so much and hesitate to leave them behind. They're like slippers. I remember first trying them on, my feet said "aaah"...

I want to consider all cost-effective options to see what is best for me considering my low # of days per year, but not cheap-out either.

Do soft boots generally cost more, less or relatively the same as their hardshell sisters?
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I agree with TAMski regarding shops. The Sports People are in Bedminster about three miles north of Far Hills. It's an easy ride down 287 and just a few miles north of 78. Steve is probably the guy to see regarding fit there. The shop is small but the service is better than average but I would call to see when Steve is working.

Another shop a bit to the north is Heino's on Rt. 23 in Wayne. Greg (the owner?) was very patient with my 12 year old and even though he couldn't help us regarding new race boots, he managed to pad and get a great fit out of his old pair .... enough to get us through the season.

When you cost out skiing even six times a year over ten years, the investment will be more than worth it.
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Here's what you need to do:

take your boots to the garbage can, hold them over the can, remember all the good and bad times you've had together, say a few words, and then drop 'em in. You bought them too big.

[ October 31, 2002, 05:00 PM: Message edited by: bumps ]
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DON'T THROW OUT THE BOOTS! They make great conversation piece flower pots. Remove any footbedding and extra plastic inside the boot. Drill holes in the soles place gravel in the bottom and plant petunias. you should see the assortment we have. I use old ski helmets as hanging flower baskets too.

Oh, yeah, it's probably time for new boots. They will help you ski better with your newer skis.

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Jim - they'll be good patio companions to the adirondack chairs made of old skis...

Thanks for everyone's input! I am going to go browsing this weekend to see what's new and exciting out there for me!
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