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Holy icicles Batman, brrrrrrr!!!!!

This was the coldest day I'd ever skied. When I left my hunting camp in central NY, the merc read -9 f. It varied anywhere from there to -3 on the drive along Rt. 23 to Huntah.

I'm saying it probably didn't hit zero all day, and the wind was a steady 12-18 mph.

This was bad, but believe it or not, conditions were decent. Not one lift line all day (duh, Monday+five below=don't ski, spaz!), and good coverage.

Major gripe, they blew snow on every single trail, all day long. Goggles were constantly iced, and it further chilled you to the bone. I understand the need to make as much snow as possible for X-mas, but c'mon, how about leaving 25% of trails with some visibility for the paying customers TODAY!

One upshot of that, they dropped rope on a trail that they must've blown for 48 hours straight, and I got in on it early. 6" of what actually could've passed for powder in some circles. 'Course, I couldn't actually see anything, but it felt purty good.

Only skied 11a-3p, cold was just too much for the little piggies. But it was nice to get out, and it gave me an excuse to use my free lift ticket.

Looking forward to getting some more skiing in soon, gotta get the legs buff for academy!!! Hopefully, it'll be just a little warmer.