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Ski length for young woman

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I live in Norway, and find this forum useful and interesting.
My english might not be the best

I hope somebody here can help me to decide the best ski length for my daughter (16 years).

I am planning on this ski: Salomon Scrambler 77.
She weighs about 57 kg/130 lbs, she is 168 cm tall.
She is an intermediate to advanced skier.
The ski will be used mostly on groomed

On the Product Selector (http://www.salomonski.com/no/selector.asp) on the Salomon WEB, i find that she should have the length 145 cm.

Generally I hear (in shops etc) that she should have 155 cm length (these will go to her nose)

Please, does anyone have any advice?

Thank you in advance
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Nose high sounds like a good height.

My experience with my daughter, also 16, is that the chin-high skis were only good for the first day. 1/2 way through her second day she wanted longer skis. Lucky we were renting. She's been happy with eye-level skis for a few days now.
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155. She will outgrow a shorter ski very quickly.
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I'm slightly smaller than your daughter and I ski a 158 with no problem and I consider myself a recreational skier with intermediate ability, so I definitely wouldn't go any shorter than 155 for your daughter.
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Thanks for the advice

Does anyone have an opinion on the ski type as well (Salomon Scrambler 77)?
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Two things:

1) While placed in a different part of the product line, the Scramblers are similar to Atomic's Metrons in two significant ways. First they have lots of surface area - the tips and tails are quite wide. Second, they have a lot of sidecut - although they still qualify as mid-fats based on waist size. Despite some negative reviews on EpicSki, I have heard very positive things about the Scrambler 8 from the two shops I trust most (specifically from people I trust a great deal - both have skied it). Their comments were focused on skiers 150 pounds and under. In fact, one was pushing the Scrambler 8 Pilot as the super-sidecut ski of choice in place of the Metrons for smaller people (he stocks both & enthusiastically sold me a pair of B5s - so he is clearly not anti-Metron). Note that the Scrambler 8 has essentially identical proportions to the Metron B5 & 11 - although it presumably lacks the Metron's torsional rigidity. Neither shop felt the other Scramblers were appropriate for anyone but novices. So if your daughter is an experienced skier and you are focused on the Scrambler line, you might think about the Scrambler 8 Pilot.

2) It is hard to tell from some of the other comments above whether or not the people posting were familiar with these skis. Like the Metrons, the Scramblers are meant to be skied short. For example, in the lengths you are looking at, the 8 has a shovel about the size of a Pocket Rocket and the 77 is only a bit smaller. For someone who weighs 130 pounds, it may well be a toss up between the 145 and 155. A day of demo runs might help...

Unfortunately much of this is second-hand information. I have not personally seen anyone I know ski the Scramblers due to lack of snow at my home mountain & a demo day that was cancelled..
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