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Cataloochee (North Carolina)

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After reading about the snow that fell in North Carolina on Sunday and the low temperatures expected Monday, I decided to drive up from Atlanta to the Cataloochee ski area (actually just one run) on Monday for some tuning up. This is the first time I have skied in the East. Upon arrival at approximately 8:00 a.m., the thermometer read -4 F. Needless to say, the area was fairly deserted. While my expectations were low, I had a great time and my freshly waxed and sharpened Volkl 6*'s performed well. Although there is really only one run, the terrain is varied with some fairly large bumps to make things interesting (and the "No Jumps" signs made great racing gates). It boils down to this: it was a beautiful sunny day and I was skiing.
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Good for you, boredtoo!

I know the feeling: I am in Montgomery (2.5 hrs further away from Cataloochee) and I, too, am bored.

But...less than four weeks to Breckenridge...

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Cat's a great mnt heading to NC from the southwest 441 is an easy drive and yeah it is one long blue run vs. 2 or 3 elsewhere south of snowshoe...we hit it up a good bit from atl and were there sunday GREAT snow conditions and lift lines never longer 2-3 min. Wolf Laurel has the terrain but they can't make snow worth a dhurn.

one-a these days I wanta try poaching a tree line to the right of alley cat...never noticed tracks in thar...
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Try the Wolf during or after a good storm. Because their grooming and snowmaking are so terrible, they tend not to bother grooming the fresh stuff... and that is a good thing. Some of the best terrain in the south as well.
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I went to Cataloochee last Friday night after work. It was the first night they were open for the season. The conditions were pretty good and no lift lines. I hope to take my daughter back Monday or Tuesday since I'll have a couple of days off work and she is out of school (so is everyone else). They are open all the way to the top now. Try spliting the "one long blue run" into 3 different runs. 1. Right side of the trail, 2. Left side of the trail, 3. Center of the trail. It helps me keep from getting too bored with it. Also I rarely ski Cataloochee all day. Mostly about 3 hours at night during the week or pick a slow period during the day on Saturday or Sunday. Late afternoon between the 8:30-4:00 day session and the 6:00-10:00 night session is some of the best skiing during the day. Crowds seem to also be lower Sunday afternoons. The bus loads of people usually leave by then.
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