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Where should we ski near NYC?

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I ski with my 8 year old daughter. She/we are most comfortable skiing (for fun only) on the greens and easy blues. Within two hours from the TZ bridge, what offers the most greens/easy blues?

I’ve looked at the various websites to research the trail maps, but they are not always telling. For example, the size of the various trails, what’s open, etc….I am not familiar with any of the places other than Catamount and Thunder Ridge.

I’ve looked at Butternut, Catamount, Thunder Ridge, Windham, Hunter, Plattekill, and Belleayre. I am sure I’m missing the NJ/ PA mountains. Which mountains are going to give us the most opportunities to ski various trails?

Thanks in advance,
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I'm biased toward Windham. Especially for a family experience. They have one particularly long green named Wanderer? It's very family friendly and a bit more sane than Hunter on a weekend.
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Belleayre will certainly be your best option. Cheap, close, and very fam-friendly.

Windham is definitely another good choice.

Skip Hunter, Plattekill, and especially Catamount.

A tad further would get you to Jiminy Peak, but I don't know that it'd be worth it. One nice benefit of Jiminy is their 8 hour ticket starts when you do.
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Belleayre. Period.
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Bousquet is by far the best place to take an 8 year old. It's small, inexpensive and uncrowded. It's the kind of place where you don't feel you have to watch the id every second. The worst thing that ever happens os kids stealing each others lunches.

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Bellauyre and Butternut are two fantastic choices for family skiing.
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I'd second the Belleayre and Butternut recommendations. Butternut's a bit closer and you can't beat their season pass deals. Belleayre might have more, and more varied, terrain. My kids love Butternut because it's the easier day trip and so many of their friends are there. If you're trying to keep track of younger kids my vote would be Butternut because all roads lead to Rome there - can't get too far separated. Belleayre is a bigger and trickier layout, there are two lodges and you have to take two lifts to get to certain parts of the mountain. Which means more planning and worrying. At Buttenut you're going to find them no matter what.
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another country heard from

I second the recommendations for Belleayre--I learned to ski there. Lots of short, varied green runs, crowds are never bad.

However, check conditions before you go. I was there last weekend and it was pretty icy, and only a few trails were open. They've been opening more trails, but I think Hunter often has better conditions.
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Originally Posted by chickadee
but I think Hunter often has better conditions.
I am not sure I would bring an 8 y/old to Hunter..unless they were "packing"

I would choose Windham over Hunter for family, and still Belleayre over both.


Those would be my suggestions, I don't know anything about Butternut.
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Thanks everyone, Sydney and I appreciate your suggestions!

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How about Elk mountain in PA? It's about 30 mins south of Binghampton so that should make it around 2 hours, no?
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No "p" in Binghamton, and it's a bit further than 2 hrs. from the TZ.
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