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Well I finally got to try my yard-sale bargains today. They are 190 cm Fischer RC4 SLS slalom racing skis I think, though the sidecut radius calculator gives me a 49m turn radius : Can that be right? I though the slalom guys made tighter turns. I'm about 165 lbs, somewhat of a hack when it comes to technical abilities. The last skis I tried out were 9S and 9X oversize which worked wonderfully for me, (except at high speed long radius high g turns when I found them not quite strong enough).

It wasn't until I was in the car on the way home that I remembered that the boot centre was about 3/8th of an inch too far to the rear.

What I noticed was that all of a sudden I had forgoten how to ski. I actually fell twice! Once when I slowed down and kept to the side to avoid a ski school traversing the hill I triped over something and off came a ski. The second time I fell was when I got up some speed to get the butterflys in the stomach going down a drop. Just before I had to make a sharp turn, I went over a bump and for some unknown reason the heel let go of my boot.
I was scarving turns instead of carving them. Mind you these skis were a heck of a lot easier to skid a turn on than my Kästles, which want to carve. Upon further investigation I found that I could carve turns, but only if I was going too fast for the crowded conditions, and only if I leaned well forward, as I would ski if I were racing someone down the hill. And then it required a lot of attention to get both edges slicing in harmony.

In short these are not going to be my bump skis. Though they scarve better, they don't really work well at slow speeds, and though I didn't reach any really high speeds, I could tell they weren't as good at high speeds as my Kästles, and they are only slightly more forgiving, lay an edge wrong and you will know it.

I think with the proper binding adjustment, they would be great skis for someone who only skis fast say 20 to 35 mph and makes short to medium turns.

Edit: There weren't any bumps, but if there were you could skid steer these through them ok, but it's a lot more fun carving through them on the 9S oversize. You would be going way to fast if you carved through them on these RC4 SLSs. You could do it but your body would take a pounding.