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Time to buy the supersport 6?

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I probaly could've jumped on to one of volkl threads with this but I didn't.
I've been demoing skis over the last few weeks- tried and liked the Fischer RX8,RX9,the Nordica Speedmachine, SUV 12XBS, and was close to buying the SUV until last weekend when I skied the supersport 6* for 2 days.
I'm 6ft, 175lbs, overall good skier, get about 40-50 days a year mostly sugarloaf. I'm in a pair of Dobermans and love 'em.
Anyways, I want to make a decision ASAP because I can't keep throwing money away demoing.
I thought the SUV's were great in the crud and wet snow left over after an 8"storm we got 2 weeks ago. Seemed incredibly easy to ski, gripped well on the little bit of ice I found as well. I skied the Volkls on no fresh snow-just groomed, hard-pack, really fast conditions and couldn't believe how much fun they were.
I've been on a pair of Rossi vipers for the last 4-5 years and I don't even want to ski them anymore. So, I guess the question really is- how will the supersports be with a little bit more snow, crud, or off trail in the glades and likewise how would the Nordicas be for carving when its hard, fast, icy.
I also have a pair of XXX for trips out west, etc. and only looking for one new ski thought I'd do better with skis like the ones mentioned above rather than a true "mid fat."
Thanks for any input.
Oh yeah, I liked the volkl 168 (!) and the Nordica in 170.
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I'm not a fan of the 6* so maybe I'm biased. Based on what you describe I'd go with the RX 9 or the SUV. The other skis you listed, including the 6*, earn their keep on the groomers and lose alot when you venture off, IMO.
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The 6* is a lighter ski which works against it in heavy snow. I had last year's SUV 12x (which is a little stiffer than this year's model) and I liked it better in heavy, wet snow than the 6* I demoed. I'm not sure how they compare in light snow.
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I have used the 6* in very heavy crud, and it worked great for the type of ski that it is (tilted toward the carving side). The ski is relatively stiff and very stable for skiing in crud-like conditions.
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Unfortunately you can't compare apples to apples because of the variables introduced during the evaluation period. That's why I prefer demo days or on-location shop demos so you can ski the same conditions/terrain with different skis and make a closer comparison.

That said, you have personal experience in distinct environments. Which is closer to what you will ski most often? If each ski performed to your liking in that environment, then you could decide based on the conditions and terrain you see the most.

If you've selected a shop to buy your skis and they apply demo fees to purchase, it would be worth one more round of evaluation to take your top two or three to the mountain on the same day and "work 'em over".

Good luck!
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I think that the 6* and the RX8 are pretty close (I like the RX8 a bit better, but...). What did you think of the two Fischers in comparison to the Volkl and the Nordica? This will help me make a recommendation for you.
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I liked the volkl more than the RX8. especially when getting some speed I thought it was more stable. Also much quicker in transition. I thought the RX 9 was ok. I think I had expected more- the shop had it mounted with a tyrolia demo binding though and not the Fischer system so I wonder if that made a difference or not. I sort of wish I could try the Nordica one more time but I only got the chance during demo days and the shop doesn't have it set up for demoing.
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