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crossmax 10 vs Fischer Race SC - I need advice

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Yes I know they are different types of ski but I have been given the opportunity to buy a new pair for half price, very hard not to jump at. Couple of questions. Most of my skiing will be done on hardpack/groomers with occasional off-piste when conditions suit (rarely)I ski Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand. I ski aggressively and like to lean out there when carving. I'm 5'11 and 205lbs. I demoed the crossmax in 170 (all they had)but the mountain closed due to high wind after a couple of runs. Had some great turns. On a different day I demoed the Fischer SC and had a ball on the 170s. I would probably go for the Fischers except that I will be skiing Copper for 5 weeks Dec-Jan so I thought the Crossmax would be a more versatile ski. People have said that the crossmax maybe a bit soft especially when cf Fischer for carving on hardpack/groomers. Also slower edge to edge. I have noticed that people on this forum who like the ski (Crossmax) are relatively lightweights.

1. Suitability of the crossmax for heavier skiers
2. Ability of crossmax on hardpack, edge hold and edge to edge quickness
3. Length, either 180 or 185
4. Fischer SC ability in crud and light 3' powder
5. Fischer length, 170 or 175. Will the 175 make it more versatile?

I'm thinking either way not only do I get a great deal but a ski that will put a smile on my face.
Thanks for your info

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I would like at least one reply.
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I don't think you'll go wrong with either one.

It sounds like you prefer the Fischers, but are concerned about taking them to Copper. I am sure you will have plenty of fun on the Fischers at Copper!!!!!

You're looking at this sale all wrong, though! Don't look at it as a half-price sale, think of it as a TWO FOR ONE SALE!!!!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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Id prefer the fischers... but it does sound like a 2 for 1 sale. If you hate the fischers at copper - demo, rent, meet a rep that will give you skis, or buy both.
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Shane, only you will know by trying.
A friend (5'10" and 175) preferred the 170 Crossmax to the 180.
The Crossmax is the better all round ski (but also much more $ isn't it?). I tried both skis early last year on hard snow conditions (no soft snow to be had so early in the season), blasting round the grommers I prefered the Fischer SC. As you are heavier I'm guessing you would be OK on a 180 Crossmax.

Have you considered buying the cheaper Fishers and then renting or picking up a cheaper soft snow specific ski (ebay)? If you will only have one ski for a few seasons (to cover all conditions) I would say go for the 180 Crossmax, but it really is personal preferrence.

Originally posted by shane:
I have noticed that people on this forum who like the ski (Crossmax) are relatively lightweights.
Yes it is a well known fact that people on Crossmax skis leave the Apres Ski early because they cannot take their drink.

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I have a pair of the Crossmax 10's that I bought last year. I'm 6' 1" 205 lbs, and ski it in a 185. I demoed the ski at Copper and Wildcat in New Hampshire before buying. Ended up with the 185 on the advice of the owner of the shop where I bought them, I ski with him frequently so he pretty much knows how I ski. The Crossmax is a great eastern ski in my opinion, great hold on ice, and able to handle the rough conditions that we sometimes (always!) have in the east. Might want something a little wider for the west, but for around here they're great. Can't help you with the Fischer's, have never skied them.
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I can speak for the Fischers. I'm 6'1, 185 lbs and ski fairly aggressively. I bought the Race SC (170 cm) about half way through last season. I was reluctant to even consider demoing them, but the shop owner is someone I like a lot and trust, and so on his word I took them out for a test drive. They were a blast! Great edge hold, fun in the bumps (they're not nearly as stiff as a real slalom ski), a wide front shovel which handled the crud pretty well. They suited me better than the Atomic 9.12. I live and ski in New Hampshire. For the annual ski trip in the west, I bring along my slalom style skis and rent something fatter as needed. I do believe in a multi-ski quiver, and so down worry much about having THE best ski. Knowing that you can buy last year's goodies on e-Bay helps temper the anxiety.
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Originally posted by shane:
I would like at least one reply.
Damn...you Kiwis are a demanding bunch.
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I like Fischer skis although you will notice that many people here have their own specific brand preferences.
I haven't skied on the Race SC or the Salomon CrossMax. Fischer skis trademarks are smoothness, durability and edgehold.

For your weight and height 170cm should be fine.

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Thanks everyone. This site is awesome. Very glad I found it.

Still yet to make my mind up. I have until Oct 7.
I can only get the Crossmax in 185. Too long??
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I weigh about the same as you, and the shop owner steered me to the 185's. I asked about the 180's and he said no, go with the 185's. But then again, he knows how I ski. He told me that the Crossmax in a 185 skies similar to an Atomic 11.20 in a 180, if that's any help. I think it comes down to what you are going to be using them for. I use them as my everyday ski, I need something fairly stable so I can keep up with my racer buddies, plus I always have other skies I can use for different situations. If you are using them mostly for cruising, the 185 would probably be okay. If you spend a lot of time in bumps or trees, the 180 would be the better choice. I buy skies quite often, and I've learned to avoid going with any more length than necessary.
Good luck
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