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K2 Apache Recon

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I intend to purchase a pair of K2 Apache Recon .
Has anybody tested those skis ? )
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They're the same as the old XP which is a great all purpose ski. They're a little damp for my tastes, but a solid ski none the less.
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Thanks a lot coach , I think I will go for it then .
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I like em. They are damp, but gives more feed back then say the Rossie B2. The XP/ Recon has better edge grip then K2 skis of the past. They have supple flex, Be warned have a very energatic tail. Get back and you will be tought a lession in staying centered.
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They shred. Awesome ski great perfomance for all mountian fun. go for it!!!

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I agree, I actually liked them better than last years XP, In my opinon they are the best All mountain stick out this year.
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You don't go wrong with the Recon !

The Recon is easy to ski; turns easily, lay it over on the edge and it locks in a stable medium/long arch, goes fast enough and is damp enough, has good rebound... If you pressure it, you will feel it has lots of energy and comes alive.
It is simply a fun/nice/friendly ski - which, I quess, can be skied by both begynners and experts !
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What length of Recon would you guys recommend for a 5'9"/182lb (whose trying to drop to 175lb)?

I currently skiing 168cm 5 Stars & next week I plan on testing the Atomic Metron B5's in 162cm & the Recon.
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167 or 174 would suit you just fine, Id go for the 74 personally.
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I bought a pair of Recon's last week and couldn't be happier. Have 5 days up in Vail thus far.
Exceptional in week old crud, very good in bumps & hardpack. Hoping to get some fresh powder tonight and I expect they'll excel. They don't shred hardpack like my Atomic SX:11's & aren't as stable at speed, but they manage to do a good job just the same. Overall, the Recons are the best all-mtn ski, particularly for CO back bowls, that I've owned.

BTW, I'm 5'10" & 160 pounds and the 174 is perfect. The 167 didn't offer me significantly improved quickness but I did notice more chatter on hardpack. At your weight I'd definitely think the 74 is preferable.
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I'll agree with the comments that these skis handle a wide range of conditions and terrain very well. However, I will offer a dissenting opinion when it comes to the energy and life of this ski...there is none. My time on the XP/Recon left me unimpressed. It's a jack-of-all-trades, master of none ski...if that work for you, great. Otherwise, beware of the bland nature of this ski.
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I skiid the recons, and had a blast. Yes, they are very damp, however I usually ski on sl 11's, sx 9's, or Rx8s... so to me, it was a very welcome change. I was able to relax on the recons, and ski a whole day with half the energy of skiing the other skis. I was very surprised with the way they carved, I was expecting a very boring ski on the slow cruisers, but I found the opposite. They were very quick and easy on the crud/snow on the sides of the trails. They were also nice in the bumps.

I have to ski some other skis in its catagory to get a great comparison, but after skiing my atomics, I fell in love with the dampness of the K2. I don't think I would own it as my only pair.
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Joe, I couldn't agree more with one exception. For CO conditions, the Recon does admirably serve as a one-quiver ski. The more I ski it, the more I like it. Offers an exceptional change of pace to my Sx-11's, although I haven't gone back to the atomics since getting the K2's because of all the snow we've had in Vail recently.

Still...I'm looking forward to a dry stretch so I have an excuse to go arc some high-speed turns on the ATomics....
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Bland ski, doesn't like speed or crud at all. Carves OK.
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Hmmm...I don't really see it that way. To each his own, I guess.
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Originally Posted by jlb
Bland ski, doesn't like speed or crud at all. Carves OK.
I had no problems with crud on them?? : when I want speed, I put on a set of atomics or fischers. I think the recon is a great alternative, and it does what it is intended to. Of course its not going to be stable at speed... I don't think I have ever skiied a K2 that is.
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This ski is the real deal,I was at Whistler last week and skied everything from bumps,trees,steeps and even hardpack.This ski absolutely shredded everything.The most versatile sticks on the market.(The one Hitta Quitta )!
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Originally Posted by jlb
Bland ski, doesn't like speed or crud at all. Carves OK.
what length did you ski, what do you weigh, how do you ski?

what do you compare favorably instead of the Apache Recon, and why?

also, define "speed" -- some might consider that to be 30 mph. others 75 mph.
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As mentioned above, it really depends on what you look for in a ski. IMO, it isn't the ski for me-too damp and not very stable (compared to some of the beefier skis in the category: Stockli Stormrider XL, Elan 666 Fusion, Monster iM75 Chip, Fischer Big Stix 8.0). I feel that it can't hold up at higher speeds on either hard snow or crud, and really shouldn't be billed as the top ski in K2's lineup-there is definitely room in there for a higher performance ski. Some of the other skis I mentioned feel like all-mountain race skis-the K2's definitely tend toward a much easier rec. ski. But, if you aren't that aggressive and want an easy all-mountain ski with lots of float that doesn't punish your mistakes, it is definitely worth checking out. I have it on demo here at the shop and have put many customers on it-to sum it up, most of the advanced-intermediates to less-aggressive advanced skiers tend to like the ski. Aggressive advanced, hard-chargers, and low-level expert skiers much prefer the Elan or Head. To give you an idea of relative popularity, I have sold many pairs of 666's (a couple were purchased without a demo-a rarity for us), and a few Monster 75's (we are a small shop and only sell 50 pair/year) but not a single pair of Recon's. Maybe that is because K2's are easily available around here, but I wish I knew-I don't like skis sitting on the wall all season....

Best advice-go to a resort and demo! I always try to send a prospective buyer up with 2 pair that have different characteristics (no charge for the demo, of course) so that I can get a feel for how they ski and what type of ski/feel that they prefer. I can then point them in the right direction. Without demoing, it is extremely difficult to rely on opinions (even well-informed ones by reliable sources) for info-they are still opinions, dictated by personal preference!
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