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I found a few '03/04 Head boots that fit my foot really well and are sale priced. The models are the FR8.5 and the World Cup TR (both 03/04). I really liked the liners in these boots -- snug and firm, but not uncomfortable. Do any of you ski on these boots? If so, do you like them? How do they handle? Are they responsive? Good snow feel? Are they designed for an advanced/expert skier (what kind of skier are you)? I see that Head now markets the RS100/80 and the S12/10/8 (which I assume replace the World Cup and the FR respectively). Do you know if these boots far superior to the 03/04 boots they replaced?

I am currently skiing on old Nordica Grand Prix 80's that are in dire need of replacement (circa 1995 - the classic red ones).

More information about me:

My skiing style/level would be considered "advanced/expert" (I've been skiing 25+ years, about 2-3 trips per year). I like to ski on varied terrain - steeps, chutes, bumps, powder, name it. Wherever I ski, I give it all I have. I've always preferred "hard" racing boots in the past just because they were the only boots that handled well and could hold up to abuse.

Physically speaking, I am not a heavy guy - 5'7", 150lbs. My current skis are Dynastar Skicross 9 skis w/Look bindings.

My big concern with any new boot is that they are too soft and imprecise. I have been told that ski boots no longer need to be hard to be precise and responsive. Is this really true?

Any opinions?