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steamboat, any deals?

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Going to Steamboat Feb 14th-17th. Booked a room at the Super8 for about $80. Anyone know of any room and lift pakages that would be better? Anything like snow bomb in Steamboat area? Snow Bomb is a membership /discount card and program out of North Lake Tahoe. Pretty good deal.
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Deals are so hard to find in Steamboat. If you can still manage to find a Steamboat Card, I'm not sure they are still available, you can save up to 30$ a day on lift tickets. If not, I know of nowhere you can buy a discouted lift ticket. Go to the Steamboat website and see what kind of package deals you can get through the resort.

Steamboat is owned by a money grubbing corporation that doesn't allow any of the local ski shops or supermarket chains to sell lift tickets like you can find in the Summit County area.
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I'm going to Stemaboat mid January. I've looked at the website and have done several seraches for discounts on tickets at Steamboat. I think the only way you can get a discount on tickets is to book a package deal through the Steamboat travel site.
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www.meticket.com gives discounts to any American Skiing Co. resort.
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Oh ya, big deal! that'll save ya a whopping $5 a day. Plus you must buy at least 6 days of tickets.
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Hey a discount is a discount. Better than paying full price.

You get a better deal with meticket than central reservations gives you; and the earlier you buy the better the deal. I buy extra days so I can use the balance in NE.

In addition, if you book your trip through central reservations, you will get screwed with higher priced lodging and surcharges. It is much better to book directly with the hotel/condo or mgt co. The ticket discount that they give you is really no bargain.
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Thanks for posting that link. I agree, a discount is a discount. I knew going into Steamboat that it was going to be pricey for the tickets. I guess Steambaot figures, since you are out in the middle of nowhere, they might as well charge you an arm and a leg. And after all it is Champagne Powder not some cheap wine or beer powder
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Steamboat can be a deal if you have kids. Our kids are eight and eleven and both ski free with our five day pass. I understand Big Sky has this as well. Does anyone know of anywhere else for the twelve and under set to ski free?
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I think we found a better deal! Steamboat central reservations has made a quote for 3 nights at Super 8 for $143 @$47.67/night. Nordic Lodge 3 nights for $205 and Rabbit Ears for $237 @ $79 per night. The best part of the pkg is the lift tickets. 2 three day tickets for $256. You can ski 3/4 days. These prices are based on the Breakaway Package offered ar http://www.steamboat.com/lodgingMain.aspx? I am calling by phone to confirm today. The regular lift ticket per day is $70 and the best room I found on line was $63 at NordicInn.
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As I said, go to the Steamboat Website and check for any deals. One thing about Steamboat Reservations, if you have a problem with your package or even with the Hotel, they will make it right with you. Four years ago we had problems with the Hotel we stayed at, the Harbour House, I wrote Steamboat Reservations when we got back home and told them the problems. They sent me a reply with two 5 of 7 day lift passes to be used anytime in the next 3 years. Great compensation for my troubles.

If you frequent Steamboat, the best thing to do is get yourself a Steamboat Card next fall. It will save you big money. My Card rate for a day pass is $41 during the prime season and as little as $33 for low season. Once you get a card it's good forever. You don't have to renue every year. It will also get you discount room rates most places in Steamboat.
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That's great that you got a good deal for the 3-day mid-week stay

I have priced my trips to Steamboat every way possible and it *never* comes out that central res. is cheaper. I have also found that that resort co.s have access to the same ticket prices.

MKEVENSON, we will be there at the same time as you (Feb 9-17) It looks like it is dumping there right now. Think snow!
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Steamboat has some of the best deals anywhere, but only if you plan ahead.

In the summer, you get a free "steamboat card".

Most of this season you ski for $38.00. This won't help you this time, but think about a summer trip and it makes a huge winter differnce.

Another good thing, once you have the card, you have the card. I got mine in 1999 and still use it, plus each year I get sent a discount book with another free ticket in it.

So, out of luck for this year, but visit in the summer.
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Is there an echo in here?
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That sounds like a great deal! Lars, how about hooking some of us Steamboat fans up the next time you go out ? The card sounds like the only way to go.
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I'll be there on the 16th of January for a couple days then driving down to Frisco to ski Vail and watch the US Freeskiing open. The card works on a one on one basis but I do have some coupons you can use. Once you get a card they send you a book of coupons every year. P.M. me with your name and address and I'll send you some.
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