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Opinions of '03/04 Head boots

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I am currently skiing on old Nordica Grand Prix 80 boots that are in dire need of replacement (circa 1995 - the classic red ones) . When I originally purchased my boots I was using old school "straight skis". I have since switched to Dynastar Skicross 9 skis w/Look bindings. Now I need to replace the boots with current technology to round out the package...

I found a few '03/04 Head boots that fit my foot really well and are sale priced. The models are the FR8.5 and the World Cup TR (both 03/04). I really liked the liners in these boots -- snug and firm, but not uncomfortable. Are these boots any good? How do they handle? Are they responsive? Good snow feel? Are they designed for an advanced/expert skier? I see that Head now markets the RS100/80 and the S12/10/8 (which I assume replace the World Cup and the FR respectively). Are these boots far superior to the 03/04 boots they replaced?

More information about me:

My skiing style/level is "advanced/expert". I've been skiing nearly my whole life, but usually only 2-3x per year (live in Phoenix - not much to ski on around here!). I like to ski on varied terrain - steeps, chutes, bumps, powder, groomers...you name it. But wherever I ski, I give it all I have. I've always preferred "hard" racing boots just because they were the only boots that handled well and could hold up to abuse.

I am not a heavy guy - 5'7", 150lbs. My big concern with any new boot is that they are too soft and imprecise. I have been told that ski boots no longer need to be hard to be precise and responsive. Is this really true?

Given this information, would either the 03/04 FR8.5 or 03/04 World Cup TR work for me? They are both selling at very discounted prices compared to the 04/05 models, but I won't skimp on the price if the cost of an 04/05 model is far superior.

Any opinions?

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Can't comment on the 04/05 models, but I have a pair of the 03/04 World Cup M103R boots, and I wouldn't part with them for anything. Absolutely no issues with them at all. The FR's are slightly softer than the WC's so if stiffness is a priority then you might want to go with them. I believe the TR's are a little less stiff than the ones I have, but I'm a 200 pounder, so I don't think you would have any problems. All I can say is if they fit, grab them.
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