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Boot Fit

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I have a pair of Atomic Beta Race 10.50's that are loose in the heel and causing my heel to pop up. The main problem is that with the repetitive motion my heel bone gets really sore. There is about 1.5 cm between my heel and shell when I shell fit my boot so they are the right size boot. Would a custom injection liner solve this problem or are there other ideas on fixing it? I plan on seeing a boot fitter but am looking for ideas on the issue until I can get there.

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You may want to try a wedge under your heel, between the liner and the shell.
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A heel wedge might work, or try making the heel area narrower. Get sheet of cork gasket meterial from the hardware store and use duct tape to attach it to the outside of the liner. I have that boot and it has a nice liner so I would hate to give up on it. And cover the sore spots on your foot with adhesive tape to prevent the pain and prevent blisters until you have it all sorted out.
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I've seen (and have used ...with seemingly pretty good results in fit...) foam...rather dense foam too...sold in various stores..
I know that foam with stickem on one side used to be sold in one or two local
(to Boston) shops....years ago, but I've simply hunted around...and have found some..and
then have just duck-taped to the shell....Just make sure they're accurately situated & firmly taped down...as the liner will hopefully! create a tight fit....just as you'd like.
It seems to work for me so far....no more sliding heel.

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I have filled excessive heel volume with cut shapes from sheet cork (automotive gasket material) and also leather. The foam has always seemed too soft to do anything, considering the forces.
Contact cementis used to stick the pads to the boot liner. Duct tape serves to test the positioning.


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The usual trick to cure this is to cut a piece of thin rubber type foam in the shape of an inverted "U".

The foam cut should correspond to the shape of your heel and can be ..... best way is to find foam that is sticky on one side ....... when your foot is in the liner place it on so that it forms a "heel cup". This upside down "U" will lock your heel in and prevent upward slippage. Works well if the boot fits well otherwise.

Shops shouldn't charge too much for this since it's not rocket science. Duct tape over a piece cut from a Dr. Scholl's foot pad works OK too.
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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. After doing some investigations I have found the loose parts of my ankle and how they correspond to the shell/liner and am going to try some of these suggestions and see what works best.

Yuki, do you put the foam horizontal to the foot bed at the back of the heel where it's loose?

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I'll try my best to explain this.

Take a sheet of paper and cut out a "U" that is approxmately 2 and a half inches high and about a half an inch wide around the circumference.

This does not sit on the footbed, it is vertical and the top part prevents the heel from rising in the boot, it gets taped or stuck to the back of the liner. Just stick a paper mock up of this on the back of your bare heel and it'll become clear.

I tried to do a dot/line drawing of this but it just will no line up. Shops have done for me in the past and I have been tightening up my sons race boots for just that problem. The footpad thing is just about the right thickness so I cut the "U" and then duct tape it to the back of the liner... but vertical not under the heel. Just think that that upside down U will form a cup tho top part is about 4" from the floor/bottom of heel.

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Ah, much more clear now, thanks yuki.

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